Term. of A,iYertielna. 4; lines, for each insertion, - - 8 " " " 12 " 13 " " . . - - . - SOots. $1,00 $1,50 $2,00 Advertisements exceeding 16 lines cannot be admitted ; neither can eng ravings be inserted in the advertising columns at any price. II:T'" All a dvertisem en t s must be paid for before inserting. American and Foreign Patent Agency IMPORTANT TO INVENTORS.mdash;The undersigned having for several years been extensively engaged in procuring Letters Patent for new mechanical and chemical inventions, offertheir services to inventors upon the most reasonable terms. All business entrusted to their charge is strictly confidential. Private consultations are held with inventors at their office from 9 A. M., until 4 P. M. Inventors, however, need not incur the expense of attending in person, as the preliminaries can all be arranged by letter. Models can be sent with safety by express or any other convenient medium. They should not be over 1 foot square in size, if possible. Having Agents located in the chief cities of Europe, our facilities for obtaining Foreign Patents are unequalled. This branch of our businessreceives the especial attention of one of the members of the firm, who is prepared to advise with inventors and manufacturers at all times, relating to Foreign Patents. MTJNN amp; CO., ScientincAmerican Office, 128 Fulton street, New York. BACK. VOLUMES OF THE SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN for salemdash;Vols. 2, 5, 6, and 7, complete, price $2,50 per volume. ; Vol. 3, less 10 or 12 numbers, aad Vol. 4, less 4 or 5 numbers ; price $1,50 each: all bound and in good order. Address, post-! paid. J\fi. BURRELL, Albany, N. Y. 19 4* "ONAMELLED IRONmdash;A man with a thorough -t_i practical knowledge of enamelling iron hollow' ware in the most durable and "brilliant manner, as performed in the celebrated enamel works of Grlei-witz, iu Silesia wants to get employment or to sell his improved process. Address A. SCHELLER. 1* box 1276, St. Louis, Mo. NEW BRICK. MACHINEmdash;for a full description see Sci. Am., No. 49, and engraving No. 52, last Vol. A six-mould machine, driven by steam, makes 15,000 a day ; cost, $500 without engine, A 5-mould by two horses attached to a sweep, worked by two men and fire boys, makes 10;000 a day ; cost, $300. A 4-mould, by one horse, one man and five boys, makes 8000 a day ; cost, $250; ina.y be mounted on wheels and moved about, Persons remote may be supplied with model, drawings, and set of patterns or castings, Maryland Institute, Nov. 2-L To tne Committee on Awaidsmdash;By your requestwe have made a re-examination cf the Brick Machine of Mr. F. H. Smith. The work is now done in the most efficient manner and by tlie slightest improvement imaginable. A farther improvement is in the method of delivering the bricks from the moulds, which goes far to facilitate the entire operation. "We are of opinion that the machine will prove a great acquisition to thos'e engaged in the business, especially in country places where they ha?e not the benefit of experienced hands, as the whole is performed by ordinary labor The bricks made by it are well formed, aubntanlial, and all that can be desired. mdash;Wm. Slicer, L.P.Clark, John 0. KJy, Thos. "Wi-nans, C. Reeder. December 17th.mdash;By unanimous vote Gold Medajl awarded. Address, PBANCIS II. SMITH. 17 3eow* Baltimore. TRON FOUNDERS MATERIALSmdash;TIS. : Scotch JLand American Pig Iron, of favorite brands; Scotch patent Fire Bricksmdash;square, arch, and circular. 2?ir8 Clay and Fire Sand ; Moulding Sand for Iron and Brass Founders; Core Sand and Flour. Pulverized Black Lead,|Soapstone, Sea Coal, Anthracite, and Charcoal Bolted Facings of approved quality, for sale by a. O ROBERTSON, amp; CO.j office 135 Water street, (corner of Pine), N. Y. 19 6eow* CLOCKS FOR CHUHCHES, COURT IIOL'SES, AND OTHER PUBLIC BUILDINGS, Time-Pieces for Session and Vestry Rooms Hotels, Railroads etc.; Regulators for astronomical purposes, Jewellers, and others, when the most perfect time is desired. The improvements introduced by the subscribers, enable them to warrant an accuracy of time-keeping, unequalled (so far as they can learn) in Europe or America. Glass dials, for illuminating and other kinds, furnished. Address SHERRY amp; BYRAM, Oakland Works, Sag Harbor, Long Island. "At the Oakland Works of Sherry amp; Byram there are made some of the finest clocks in the world." mdash; [Scientific American. 19 13eow CURFACE CONDENSERSmdash;Having built and used 3 at our machine shop and foundry one of J. M* Miller's Surface Condensers for the last 14 months, we are now prepared to receive orders for building and putting up said condensers on either high or aowj!ressuresDgines now in use, and warrant the sartte against expansion and contraction of the metals, also the injurious effects of oil in the tubes, which alone has caused the failure of condensers heretofore used. We have also fouBdjin the use of our Condenser a nett saving of 30 per cent, of fuel, the water being kept pure and regular in the boiler by the condensation of the steam. In our judgment this Condenser is the perfecting of the Steam Engine, COBB, MASON amp; HITJL, North Point Foundry and Machine Works, 18 4 Jersey City, N, J. 111 ' ~~ ~ : ~~ mdash; = , WP. N. FITZamp;ERALD, Counsellor at Law has recently resigned the office of principal Examiner of Patents, which he has held for many years, and is ready to assist, professionally, in the preparation and trial of patent causes before the U. S. Courts in any of the States, and before the Supreme Court of the United States. He also acts as Counsel in cases before the Patent Office, and on appeals therefrom, but does not prepare applications for Patents Office corner of E and 8th sis., Washington, D. C. 18 tf j ----------------__........_----------.------------------ FOR SALEmdash;A second-hand Locomotive Boiler, 10 or 12 horse-power, with safety-valve, grato-bars amp;c.j in complete order ; will be sold cheap. Also, four largest size Mott's Furnace Kottles, 150 gallons. ROBINSON amp; WINANT, 18 2* 105 Freeman st, Brooklyn. PATEMT DRAFT BOARDSmdash;With extension scales, sheet fasteners, and T rule. Sse Reports of Worcester Fair, Maryland State Fair, amp;c. amp;c: with their awards. $10 complete. Seat by express, Address, post-paid, CHAMBERLINamp; CO., Pittsfield, Mass. 16tf JD. WHITE'S PATENT CAR AXLE LATHES mdash;also Patent Engine Screw Lathes, for boring and turning tapers, cutting screws, amp;c. We manufacture and keep constantly on hand the above lathes; also double slide Chuck and common Hand Lathes, Iron Planers, S, Ingersol's Patent Universal Ratchet Drill, amp;c. Weight of Axle Lathe, 5,500 lbs ; price $600; Engine Serew Lathe, 1400 to 7,000 lbs; price $225 to $675, BROWN amp; WHITE, IStf Windsor Locks, Conn. STEAM ENGINES FOR SALEmdash;We offer for sale two Engines and Boilers, as follows : one 8 horse, horizontal, cylinder 7 inches bore, 16 inch Btroke, on a cast-iron bed, fly wheel, driving pulley, governor, pump, pipes, etc.; has never bean used. The Boiler has been used by the maker about one year. It is cylinder, horizontal, 16 feet long, 30 inch diameter, has a steam chamber, try-cocks, check and safety valves : price, $600. One 7 horse Horizontal Engine, 6 inch bore, 16 inch stroke, cast iron bed-plate, driving pulley, etc. Boiler horizontal, tubular, and has everything complete for putting it in operation. The engine is new, the boiler has been used, but is in good order. Price $500. They are rare bargains, and will give satisfaction to the purchaser, being much less than new ones can be obtained. Address MUWN amp; CO. THE TROY IRON BRIDGE CO, are prepared to erect Iron Bridges or Roofe, or any kind of bearing trusses, girders, or beams, to span one thousand feet or under, of any required strength, in any part of the country. Their bridges will be subjected to severe tests, and can be built for about the price of good wooden ones. Address BLANCHARD amp; FELLOWS, Troy, N. Y. 7 20* TBARD8LEE'g PATENT PLANING Tongue-J*3 ing and Grooving Machinesmdash;These celebrated machines have now been generally introduced in various portions of the United States. More than thirty are now in successful practical operation in the State of New York alone. As an illustration of i the extent of work which they are capable of performing, with unrivalled perfection, it ia sufficient to state that, within the last six months and a half, over five millions of feet of spruce flooring have been planed, tongued and grooved by one of these machines at Plattsburgh, N. Y.. never running to exceed ten hours a day. The claim that the Beards-lee machine was an infringement upon the Wocd-worthpatent, has been finally abandoned; and after the proofd had been taken, the suit instituted by the owners of that patent was discontinued, and the whole controversy terminated on the first of November last. Applications for machines or rights may be made to the subscriber, EO. W. BEARDSLEE, 57 State street, or No. 764 Broadway- Albany. 15tf EXHIBITI0N OF WORKS OF AMERICAN Industry at Washington City.mdash;The first exhibition of the Metropolitan Mechanics' Institute wili be opened on Thursday, the4th of February, 1853, in the new and splendid hall of the east wing of the Patent Office, one of the largest and most magnificent rooms in the United States, being 275 feet long by 70 feet wide. To this exhibition the manufacturers, mechanics, artists, and inventors, from all portions of the Union, are cordially invited to contribute. The hall will be opened for the reception of goods on Monday, tha 14th of February, and the exhibition will positively close on or before Thursday night, Mar en 17. Circulars, containing detailed instructions, "will be forwarded and any further information given; on application (post-paid) to the Corresponding Secretary, CharlesF. Stansbury,to whom all communications on the business of the Institute should be addressed 8tf WOODBURY'S PATENT PLANING Machines mdash;I have recently improved the manufacture of my Patent Planing Machines, making them strong and easy to operate, and am now ready to sell my 24 inch Surfacing Macliinesfor $700, and 14 inch Surfacing Machines for $650 each. 1 will warrant, by a special contract, that ONE of my aforesaid machines will plane as many boards or plank as two of the Wood worth machines in the same time, and do it better and with less power. I also manulacture a superior Tonguiag and Grooving Machine for $350, which can be either attached to the Planing Machine, or worked separately. JOSEPH P. WOOD-BURY, Patentee, Border st, East Boston, Mass. 13tf TOTACHINISBY.mdash;9. C. HILLS, No. 12 Platt-st. K. Ivx Y. dealer in Steam Engines, Boilers, Iron Planers, Lathes, Universal Chucks, Drills; Ease's, Von Schmidt's and other Pumps; Johnson's Shingle Ma-chineB; Woodworth's- Daniel's and Law's Planing machines; Dick's Presses, Punches and Shears; Morticing and Tennoning machines; Belting; machinery oil, Seal's patent Cob and Corn mills; Burr mill and Grindstones; Lead and Iron Pipe amp;e. Letters to be noticed must be neat-paid. 13tf AB. ELY, Counsellor at Law, 52 Washington st, Boston, will give particular attention to Patent Cases. Refers to Munn amp; Co., Scientific American. ' 16tf T EORTAIID'S MACHINERY DEPOT, 109 -i-iPearl-st. and 60 Beaver, N. Y.mdash;Leather Banding Manufactory, N. Y.mdash;Machinists's Toolp, a large assortment from the " Lowell Machine Shop," and other celebrated makers. Also a general supply of mechanics' and manufacturers' articles, and a superior quality of oak-tanned Leather Belting. 7tf P. A. LEONARD. PAINTS, amp;c. Ac.mdash;American Atomic Drier Graining Colors, Anti-friction Paste, Gold Size, Sine Drier, and Stove Polish. QUARTERMAN amp; SON, 114 John st., ltf Painters and Chemists. T ATHES FOR BROOM HANDLES, Etc.mdash;We -i-Jcontinue to sell Alcott's Concentric Lathe,which is adapted to turning Windsor Chair LegSj Pillars, Rods and Rounds; Hoe Handles, Fork Handles and Broom Handles. x This Lathe is capable of turning under two inches diameter, with only the trouble of changing the dies and pattern to the size required. It will turn smooth over swells or depressions of 3-4 to the inch and work as smoothly as on a straight linemdash;and does excellent work. Sold without frames for the low price of $25mdash;boxed and shipped with directions for getting un. Address (postpaid) MtTKN amp; CO. At this Office. FALES amp; GRAY (Successors to TRACY amp; PALES), RAILROAD CAR MANUFACTURERSmdash;Grove Works, Hartford, Connecticut. Passenger, freight, and all other descriptions of railroad cars and locomotive tenders made to order promptly. SHINGLES, SHINGLES, SHINGLESmdash;WOOD'S latest improvement in Shingle Machines is becoming more generally used than any other ever invented, and is unquestionably the best machine now in use ; it prcduces shingles from all kinds of timber in a very perfect and rapid manner. Machines and rights for sale. Apply to JAMES D. JOHNSON, Bridgeport, Ct. 9tf CB. HUTCHINSON'S PATENT STAVE Cut- ting Machines, the best in use, and applicable alike to thick or thin staves; also his Head Cutting and Turning, and Stave Jointisg Machines. For machines or territorial rights, apply to 0 B. HUTCHINSON amp; CO., Syracuse, N. Y. 9tf T)OSTAGE STAMPS.mdash;Poet Office Stamps, ofthe ST denomination of 1, 3, or 12 cents, may be had at par by addressing MUNN amp; CO., Scientific American Office. j "jVTKW HAVBN MANUFACTURING COM-ii pany, Tool Buildera, New Haven, Conn., (successors to Scranton amp; Parshley) have now on hand $25,000 worth of Machinist's Tools, consisting of power planeB,to plane from 5 to 12 feet; slide lathes from 6 to 18 feet long; 3 size hand lathes, with or without shears; counter shafts, to fit all sizes and kinds of universal chuck gear cutting engines ; drill presses, index: plates, bolt cutters, and 3 size elide rests. The Co are also manufacturing steam engines: A.11 of the above tools are of the bestquality, and are for sale at 25 per cent, less than any other tools in the market. Cuts and list of prices can be had by addressing as above, post-paid. Warehouse No. 15 Platt St., New York, S. 0. HILLS, Agent N. H. Man'g Go. 19tf