As an instance of the improvement in agri culture now in progress, it may be mentioned' ' that the makers of steam engines for agricul-R tural purposes in England, have in some cases increased eight-fold within the last three fears. One house made in 1848 only 15 en gines, but in 1851 finished no less than 294. The same results hold good with respect to other improved agricultural implements.— One maker turns out 5 threshing machines a week; another who made only 56 machines in 1849 and 1850, turned out 192 in the last 21 months. A meeting ot the St. Andrews and Quebec Railway Co. was held at London on the 24th ] alt. The Directors' Report was regarded as satisfactory and adopted. A joint stock company has been formed to work the Middletown, Conn., silver mines. Its capital is $60,000. The mines are said to be very rich.