The apparatus for heating air for blast fur naces as at present employed is liable to ob jections which have been obviated in an im proved arrangement by Jesse Young, of Frank lin Furnace, Ohio, who has taken measures to secure a patent. The improvement consists in the use of circular pipes, which communi cate with and are supported on each other by means of hollow pedestals (one pedestal to each pipe), which are placed alternately at opposite ends, so that the air passes all round the pipe belore it arrives at the pedestal.— The air is admitted by an opening in a rectangular-shaped air-chest, which likewise serves as a base, supporting it altogether on similar hollow pedestals. The whole appara tus is fixed horizontally, which is considered by the best authorities upon the subject as a preferable method to having the pipes in a vertical position. The only objection is that they are liable to break when placed in this manner from exposure to the intense heat; this defect the inventor has ingeniously prevented by the use of the hollow pedestals which, as well as supporting the weight', of the pipes, -counteract the effects of the heat by the cur rent of cold air circulating inside.