The American clipper ship “Sovereign of the Seas,” built by Donald McKay, and commanded by his brother, made the passage from this City, which she left on the 18th of June last, to Liverpool, in 14 days and 19 hours, having arrived there on the 2nd of July, the fastest passage on record, between New York and Liverpool. Her average time ot running was 12.73 knots per hour. A correspondent in the " London Daily News," asserts, thatthis time was beaten 12 years ago by the British Frigate "Resistance" in a voyage from Quebec to Cork, which she made in 124 days. He does not present data, but we have no doubt, if the "Resistance" and "Sovereign of the Seas," were placed alongside of one another for a race, in a sailing breeze, the latter would run her out of sight in a few hours. This Clipper Ship has created quite a sensation in Liverpool, and in all probability, Mr. McKay will sell her for a good round sum, to some of the Liverpool China Companies. Capt. E. Nye, of the steamship " Pacific," in a letter to the " New Yoik Herald," says that he made the passage from New York to Liverpool in 14 days 5 hours, in the packet ship " Independence," of only 733 tons, built by Messrs. Smith & Dimon, of this city.