A morning cotemporary very properly remarks that so far as the particular attention of European nations to the progress of the American people in arts, sciences, and manufactures is concerned, we must certainly place Austria amongst the first The Austrian railways are the only ones in Europe where the American form of railroad carriages is exclusively employed Our general system of construction and arrangement of the parts of locomotives is extensively adopted in that country The first river steamboat for the Old World on American principles was constructed for the Danube, and since that time two immense boats of fifty feet beam and eightytwo feet outside of paddle wheels, have been built for that river on the American model, and with engines furnished from New York Morse's electric telegraph has from the very start monopolised the Austrian telegraph wires, and there is scarcely a large farm in that extensive empire, or a large manufactory that cannot show some evidence of American ingenuity An American balance dock of the largest description is now being constructed at Vienna The timber for that dock is furnished entirely from this country, and all the mills on the North river which have been standing still for months are now busily employed in the sawing and shipping of that timber The main portion of the machinery for that dock is also being constructed in New York There seems to be hardly an American invention of the higher class that has not found its way into Austria, and it is a matter of surprise and gratification to the American traveler visiting Austria, that the home talent is so much appreciated in a country which has been almost a stranger to us, and of which, as a general thing, we have so imperfect a knowledge This increased general introduction of the works of American genius and skill into Austria of late years is in a great measure attributable to the persevering efforts of Chas F Loosey, who, before assuming the office which he now holds of Austrian Consul in this city, was actively engaged in his profession of civil engineer in Vienna