On page 197, this volume, SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN, in an article on the above subject, credit was given to Joseph McCully, of Philadelphia, for the first really successful manufacture of American lapwelded tubes On page 209, we gave the substance of a letter from a correspondent who stated that John Peace produced the first of such tubes in the establishment of Messrs Morris, Tasker amp; Morris, of Philadelphia, in 1850 J D Heppard, of the New York Daily Times, informs us that Joseph McCully sent a model of his machinery—the same in substance as that now employed by Messrs Morris, Tasker amp; Co—to the Patent Office in 184G, three years before Mr Peace came to this country He also informs us that although Mr McCully did not construct and put his machinery in operation until 1852, yet he took means, as far as he was able, to secure a patent, and has never relinquished his title to the invention