The following article is copied from the " Boston Courier." We regard it as a seriou-du'y, in giving place to it, to express the hope that no one will be thereby induced to rel, upon its recommendations, except under ttu (auction of competent medical counsel. Il the discovery be all that is claimed, it is most valuable to the human family, and its author will merit the gratitude of the world . CUKE FOR VIRULENT SMALL POX OR SCAR LATINA AND MEASLESA merchant and sbi owner of this city has had the fullowiug recipe sent him fiom England, where it was furnished by Mr. L. Larkin, member of the loyal College of Surgeons, and who vouches or it as a " medicine that will effVct a revc-ution in the healing art, as regards the prevention and cure, not only of small-pox, but also of measles and scarlatina, however mi-ignant the type, in a manner more efficient and extraordinary than could have been anticipated even by the most ardent philanthropist." "On the first appearance of lever or irritation ushering in attacks, whether occurring in families or large communities, the subjoined mode of treatment should at once be en-;ered on:Take one grain each of powdered foxglove or digitalis (valuable in the ratio of its greenessthe dark should be rejected) and one of sulphate of zinc (this article is commonly known as white vitriol ) These shou'd bo rubbed thoroughly in a mortar, or other convenient vessel, with four or five drops of water; this done a noggin (or about bur ounce-) more, with some syrup or sugar, should be added. Of this mixture a table spoonful should be given an adult, and two teaspoonfuls to a child, every second hour until symptoms of disease vanish. Thus conducted, convalescence, as if by magic, will result. The rapidity ot an event so auspicious will equally delight and astonish It may, however, be necessary further to note, that should the bowels become obsttucted in progress of the disease (an evil by no means common) then a drachm of the compound powder jalap (formed of two parts cream of tartar with one ol'jalap) and one grain ot the herb, treated as above, formed into a pastil with syrup or sugar, should be given to an adult, and hall the quantity to a child. This simple medicine shuts out every other form or article whatever, as totally unnecessary, if not pernicious. The'methodus medendi' of these medicines, capable of effecting results so gigantic, remain now only to be given, and appears to be as follows:The herb, by its anti-lebrile properties, lays hold at once of the fever, the prolific source of woe, which it immediately strangles, whi'e tne zinc acts the part of a tonic, instantly restoring the equilibrium." Mr. Larkin adds:"No emigrant or government vessel should hereafter be allowed to put to sea without a few pence worth ot these protectors, and it is further ardently hoped that, as the dearest interests of our common humanity are so vitally involved in this discovery, the press of all countries will give publicity to this announcement." [As this is an alleged discovery, we, as one of the press, have given it publicity, but in doing so, let us say that we do not place such dependence on its "fever strangl ng " powers, as its author would have us believe it possesses.