A writer on health very justly condemns the habit of lounging, in which a large number of persons indulge, as injurious to health.' He says:—"An erect bodily attitude is of vastly more importance to health than is easily imagined. Crooked bodily positions, maintained for any length of time, are always injurious, whether in the sitting, standing, or lying posture, whether sleeping or walking. To sit with the body leaning forward on the stomach, or to one side, with the heels elevated to a level with the head, is not only in bad taste, but exceedingly detrimental to health. It cramps the stomach, presses the vital organs, interrupts the free motion of the :hest, and enfeebles the lunctions of the abdo-ninal and thoracic organs, and in fact, unba-ances the whole muscular system. Many :hildren become hunchbacked, or severely round-shouldered, by sleeping with the head raised on a high pillow. When a person finds it easier to sit or stand, or walk or sleep n a crooked position than a straight one, such a person may be sure his muscular system is badly deranged, and the more careful he is to preserve a straight, or upright position, and get back to nature again, the better."