The Grocers' Steam Sugar Refining Company are erecting an extensive and very substantial sugar refinery on the site of Swift's sugar-house, corner of Washington and Laight streets, in this city, which was destroyed by fire in May last Its height will be 100 feet from the basement, and it will be divided into eleven stories. The building is to be entirely of brick and iron. The brick walls are 3i in thickness at the bottom, and are laid in cement. The beams, floors, roof, door-cases, window-cases, doors, window sashes, shutters, inner-doors, and everything about the building which is not of brick and mortar is of iron. Heavy iron columns in ows sustain the floors. There will be fire-proof dividing walls through the building. The columns will weigh about 450 tuns. It will be erected so as to be conducted on a different working-principle from any other similar establishment in the United States. The company has been organized with a capital of $400,000. The building and machinery, aside from the site will probably cost about $300,000. Included in the machinery of the concern willl be four large vacuum pans— nine feet in diameter—two ot them to be of iron and two of copper. Twelve large steam boilers will be used. They will employ about 300 men who will turn off about 1,000 bbls. of refined sugar per day—a business of about $100,000.