Among the number of patents recently taken out in England is one by E. Whele, for a candle lamp of very novel character. The lamp has a dial or clock face, and, as the candle burns, the hands mark the hours and minutes correctly, and a hammer strikes the time. As a chamber-light for a sick room, it marks the time, and can be set to strike at any given periods, when the patient requires attention. As a night light, it marks the time on a transparent dial, and rings an alarm at any stated period, and in ten minutes afterward extinguishes the candle, or will continue to strike every second until the party gets out of bed and stops it; and, if a very heavy sleeper requires to be roused, it will fire off a percussion cap. As a table lamp it marks the time and strikes the hours, and has a regulator and index, by which may be ascertained the amount of light and economy of consumption of the various candles of different makers.