A certain correspondent of the Courier and Enquirer has made an important discovery in voltaic electricity, which may be practically applied to the cure of weak nerves. It is this : "If a cylindrical piece of zinc is placed Ilear the top of a broom-handle, and another about fifteen inches below, connection being made between the two by means of a wire, a person taking hold of the top piece with the right hand, while the left is placed on the copper or lower piece, torms a voltaic circle, which becomes powertul the more the broom is used. The hands must be without gloves so that the metals are in contact, and the windows of the room should be open when the broom is used, so as to admit the air freely. The discovery is invaluable to females in a weak state for want of active lite, and tor males it can be applied to axe handles." We sincerely recommend the application of this discovery to weak persons of both sexes.