TO PRESIDENT GRANT: You have doubtless been reminded, ere this, that there now exists a $3,000 vacancy in the Board of Examiners-in-Chief of the Patent Office, and it is very likely that several worthy gentlemen have been suggested to you as proper persons to fill that vacancy. We desire the place neither for ourselves nor for any relative or friend. We have never thought it desirable to urge the claims of personal friends for Patent Office appointments. But representing about one-third of the whole clientage of that Office, we claim a right to say something to you about the selection of a proper person to fill this important position. In the first place the interests of anxiously waiting appellants require that the vacancy should be filled with the least possible delay. The cases on appeal are rapidly increasing, the interests of inventors are suffering, and it is of paramouni; importance that this work should be immediately and energetically reinforced. In the second place, and in view of the present composition of the Appeal Board, it is vastly important that the place should be filled by an active, vigorous expert, one who can grapple energetically with the many cases that now press the Board for Examination. There are such men in the Patent Office they are to be found among the younger and more active employes. We beseech you to give us a man of energy, and to avoid filling the place by the appointment of some venerable gentleman who might better be placed on the retired list. The Patent Office is increasing in importance; its duties are now indifferently performed ; there is already felt a lack of energy in the management of its complex details, therefore it behooves you to select an energetic man, one who can make himself felt in the discharge of his duties. Very Respectfully, Yours, MUNN & CO.