The machine shown in the illustration is adjustable to travel longitudinally of a terrace as well as transversely. evenly cutting grass of any height with one cut, and the driving mechanism of the mower is protected from dust. The improvement has been patented by William J, Rusk and Chester L. Holloway, of Hunter, N. Y. The ground wheels are loosely mounted on the axle, but a clutch causes the axle to turn with the wheels when the machine is pushed forward, the axle not revolving when the machine is drawn backward. A sectional frame incloses the axle and a forwardly extending drive shaft, the latter being connected by a gear with the axle within a central casing, and a hanger at the forward end of the frame carries in horizontal position a fixed knife with pointed teeth, the knife being strengthened by an arched base. Directly upon the uppei face of the fixed knife a second knife is held to be reciprocated by means of a cam on the forward end of the drive shaft, the cam engaging a groove in the rear face of a central standard on the knife. Connected with the central casing on the axle by a ball socket is a telescopic arm, to whose outer end is connected, also by a ball socket, an auxiliary axle having at its outer end a small ground wheel, this device being detachable from the body of the machine, but being designed to adapt it especially for use in mowing longitudinally upon a terrace, asshowh in the illustration. Arms projected rear-wardly from the axle frame carry a roller. and the handle by which the machine is propelled is connected by a yoke with these arms. Eruption of Mount Vesuvius. A dispatc h from Naples dated Dec. 3 says that Mount Vesuvius is in a state of eruption. T h r e e distinct torrents of lava are flowing from Atrio del Cavallo. burning chestnut groves along their path and falling into the Vetrana precipice, between Monte t\omma and Colline del Salvatore.