Mr. John Tregaskis, ot No. 80 North Moore street, this city, informs us that he has in his possession, an older Bible than the two which have been mentioned in our columns. His Bible is dated 1599, with marginal notes by Beza. It was printed in London by the deputies of Christopher Barker, printer to the Queens most excellent majesty. The annual loss of human life from tigers at Singapore, chiefly among the Chinese settlers, is perfectly fearful, averaging no fewer than 360, or one per day Literary Notices Shipbuilders Manual—No.,2 of this exceedingly useful monthly periodical, intended as a Nautical Referee, by John W. Griffiths, author of the excellent work on Naval Architecture, is now published andean be.had at 333 Broadway. This is a work to which every ship carpentershould be a subscriber. Minifies Mechanioal Drawing Book.—No. 4 of this work, of which we cannot apeak too highly, is now ready, and for sale by Dewitt & Davenport, this city. Grahams American Magazine, for March is a fine number. This publication shows much spirit and enterprizeinits management, and enjoys a great and deserved degree of popular favor. Dewitt & Davenport, agents, Tribune Buildinga, New York City.