The Camden Literary and- Library Association have in their' possession a large book, originally published in Latin, at Rome, in the year 1639. It is a curious specimen of com. position and typography. [Exchange. [We have an older book than that. It is a large Bibll in the Dutch language pub. lished at Hague, July 29th, 1637. It embraces the old and new Testaments, of the trans* lation adopted by the National Synod of Dordrecht of the Netherland Reformed Kerch, The characters are the German text, and are as beautiful as any type of the present day. It is strongly bound and well secured with huge brass clasps. Every book has its first chapter adorned with an introductory ornamental capital letter, which, for beauty of design and grace of execution, has no superior now. So beautilul indeed are these letters that before the book came into our possession' some sacriligeous wretch cut a great number of them out for transferring, no doubt, to adorn some modern picture Bible.