Measures to secure a patent for the above have been taken by William M. Warren, of Watertown, Conn. This improvement for rendering railway travelling more pleasant gives the passenger an option as to the inclination of the seat, places the foot-board entirely under his control, and, in addition to a revolving back, which can be turned over so as to face either way, allows him likewise in adjustable one, so that a high or low bsck-?d seat can be had at pleasure. The seat is suspended upon pivots and shifted as desired by means of a lever catching into recesses in sector, so that it cannot move unless at the will of the occupant. The adjustable back is so connected to the other by jointed levers ;hat it can be made available whichever way ;he passenger may face. The toot-boards are jlaced upon beds, so that they can be moved ind retained beneath the seat when not want-id, catches holding them in their place, and yhen in use they can be regulated to any ieight or tor any required position.