This is a press for similar purposes, by the same inventor, who has taken measures to secure a patent for it. The improvements, however, are of a different nature from the last exhibited, and are not intended to alter existing mechanical arrangements, but merely make a change in the shape of the box, and the method of securing certain doors with which the inventor proposes to furnish it. The shape of the box is rectangular, rather greater in height than width, and it is provided with end doors and a side door. If two tollowers are used there is a door at each end, but if only one, then one end alone is provided with a door. The arrangement of the side door is likewise suited to the circumstance of one or two tollowers being used. In the latter case it is placed at the centre, and in the former, at the end, this is done to suit the convenience of taking out the bale, which will be pressed at the centre of the box or djwn at the bottom, according as one or two followers are employed. The other improvement in this invention consists in the fastening for the doors, which, particularly in the instance of the side door, is made with very great stability, a precaution that it will be evidently seen is very necessary when great pressure is employed. The end doors are in like manner secured in an efficient manner by means of a bar which can be easily turned, when the doors are required to be raised or opened.