Your Brain on Jazz: Visualizing Creativity [Video]

The riffs from this form of improvisational music may provide a window into the brain's creative processes

Courtesy Charles J. Limb

Charles Limb, a hearing and ear surgeon at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, studies jazz as a means of understanding what goes on "under the hood" when a musician is improvising. The Q&A in Scientific American's May issues queries Limb about the nature of his work. And this video expands on the insights in the interview through a seminar at Johns Hopkins, "Neural Mechanisms of Musical Improvisation," that Limb organized with jazz musicians Pat Metheny, Mike Pope and Marin Alsop, music director of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.


For a limited time, the full text of the related article "Inner Spark: Using Music to Study Creativity" is being made available for fans of Scientific American's page on Facebook. Read it now or become a fan.

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