David A. Morris, oi Pittsburg, Pa., has taken measures to secure a patent for an impro ved mode of constructing washers for reducing the friction between the shoulder of the journals and the boxes of the wheel. The invention is m.ore particularly applicable to railroad cars, to prevent the excessive friction in turning curves; but it may be also applied to any kind of axle or shaft when it is required to avoid friction at the face of the box, upon the shoulder of the journal. The improvement consists in a washer fitting loosely to the journal between the shoulder and box furnished with a number of radial pivots, on which are placed friction rollers. When the axle is :unning Iree from pressure in a straight direction, this washer is left quite free, but when there is a tendency to press upon the shoulder, the rollers in the washer run between the surfaces of the shoulder and box, and tend to prevent the friction. By this method nearly all the friction is avoided.