Persons below the middle hight, robust, with large hands and short thick necks, are generally recognized as apoplectic subjects j but a foreign medical author asserts that it is confined to no particular conformation of the body, all persons being alike liable to be attacked by it. The predisposing causes are the habitual indulgence of the appetite in rich and gross food, or stimulating drinks, coupled with luxurious and indolent habitsj sedentary employments carried to an undue length j the habit of sleeping, especially in a recumbent posture, after a full mealj and lying too long in bed. Persons, however, who are predisposed to this disease should not fail to profi t by the warnings of its approach, such as giddiness, drowsiness, loss of memory, twitching of the muscles, faltering of the speech, c. Their diet should be light and nutritiousj all luxurious habits should be abandoned, and moderate exercise should be taken. Above all, they should avoid giving way to their passions, as it is well known that many persons have been struck with death in the midst of a fit of anger.