This invention consists in an improved apparatus for heating wino, beer, spirits, c. The illustration represents a section of the improved apparatus, a is the boiler, which is made sufficiently strong to resist the pressure of the steam generated therein ; b is a tap and float to regulate the quantity of water admitted to the boiler by the supply piper c ; d is a small safety valve connected to the lid of the boiler to allow the steam to blow off when the pressure becomes too great; e is a tube to convey the steam from the boiler, a, into the fluid to be heated;/ is a tap in the tube, e; and g is a rose at the end of the tube to distribute the steam in the fluid to be heated ; h is a circle of gas jets for heating the water in the boiler. The patentee prefers to use gas for heating the water in the boiler in apparatuses of small dimensions. In some cases the boiler may be placed in another apartment, and heated by coal or otherwise; the tube, e, would then be conveyed to the table or counter where it is required. The fluid to be heated is placed in a glass or other vessel, as shown at z", and the steam is admitted by turning the tap,/; the steam imparts its heat to the fluid, and becomes condensed immediately on entering it. By this apparatus wine and beer may be mulled, and spirits and water heated in a very short time and with the greatest cleanliness. We copy the above from the London Engineer.