LIST OF OASES PENDING BEFORE THE SENATE. O. P. Winchester, President of The Winchester Repeating Arms Co, for an act to authorize the Commissioner of Patents to receive an application for the extension of the letters patent of that company. Committee on Patents report a bill granting relief asked for. Stephen R. Parkhurst, for the extension of his patent for ginning cotton and burring wool. No action. Martha M. Jones, widow and administratrix of Samuel T. Jones, deceased, for the confirmation of a patent which was granted February 23, 1866, for the manufacture of the white oxide of zinc. Committee l-ecommended an amendment to House Bill. Jeremiah Carhart, extension of his patent for improvements in reed musical instruments, such as melodeons, parlor organs, etc., and that Congress confirm the reissued patent of Aug. 18, 1857. Action suspended. Mrs. George B. Simpson, for compensation for use by the Government of the invention by her husband, known as the sub-marine telegraph cable. Reported adversely. A bill for the relief Of Saml. Peirce. (Curved oven plates). Reported adversely. Samuel A. Miller, extension of his patent for an improved compound anchor. Reported favorably. Thomas Crossley, to be authorized to make application for an extension of his patent—the time having expired in which such application should have been made according to law—machines tor printing woolen and other goods. Reported favorably. B. M. Cliaffee, extension of his patent for his discovery of a process for grinding india-rubber. Reported adversely. Richard M. Hoe, extension of his patent for an improvement in printing machines. Case reported for action of the Senate without recommendation. Edward D. Tippett, praying an appropriation to enable him to complete his invention for perpetual motion. Jonathan S. Turner, extension of his patent for an improvement in alarm clocks. Favorable report. A Bill to extend the letters patent, originally granted to John Young, washing machine. Reported without amendment and recommend passage. A bill to extend the patent granted to G. S. Blodgett and P. T. Sweet, for oven for baking, for seven years. Pending. Memorial of Mahlon Loomis, praying an appropriation to en-able him to demonstrate his discovery of telegraphing. Committee asked to be discharged. Alpheus C. Gallahue, extension of his patent for an improvement in machines for pegging boots and shoes. Favorable action, and bill reported and passed. Christian Sharp, extension of his patent for a breach-loading rifle. Pending. A bill for the relief of George Fowler, and the estate of De Grasse Fowler, deceased, or their assignees. Pending. A bill for the relief of Isabella C. Youngs, wife of Theophi-his Youngs. (For an improvement in surface condensers for steam engines ). Pending. A bill for the relief of Wright Duryea. ( Card Exhibitor). Reported favorably. The following additional applications for extension are pending before the House Committee on Patents : John J. Weeks, for improvement in harvesters. Jonathan and George W. Prescott, for stuffing for mattresses. Harrison M. Brown and William E. Bassett, for grain and hay harvesters. Horace S. Emery, forimprovement in the endless chain horse power. Robert Burns Goodyear, improvement in power looms. Mrs. Elizabeth N. JackSon, tor the annunciator. Fred. M. Norcross, for planing machines. Mrs. Catharine Bourshell, for improvement in railroad car wheels. Blias Howe, Jun., for sewing machines. William S. Chapman, forimprovement to prevent the rattling in carriages called the anti-rattler. Samuel Gardner, for machinery for crushing ores, pulverizing, and stamping. John Murphy, for improvement inprocesses in treating gutta-percha. S. N. Marsh, for extension of patent on truss. Horace Smith and D. B. Wesson, improvement in firearms. Anson Atwood, improvement in railroad car wheels. J. Atkins, improvement on rakes to grain harvesters. Reuben Comins, improvement in railroad bridges. John Chilcott and Henry Ward Beecher, for improvement in the cutting out of boots. A. Clark, for fastening forks upon the handles. William Trapp, improvement in barrel machinery. Henry Jenks, improvement in the process of manufacturing wire grating. Josiah Copeland and J. M. Read, for an improvement in boot crimps. WE learn that a fog-whistle, to be worked by a 10-horse power engine, is being constructed for Thatchers Island, off Salem, Mass. It will be ready by the 1st of June. This will be the largest and most powerful fog-whistle in the world.