DUST DEFLECTORS FOR WINDOWS OF RAILROAD CARS.—James M. Cook, of Boston, Mass., has applied for an extension of the above patent. Day of hearing Sept. 27,1869. POLICEMEN'S RATTLE.—Joseph McCord, of Philadelphia, Pa., has petitioned for the extension 01 the above patent. Day of hearing, October 25, 1869. MACHINE FOR MANUFACTURING: CORKB.—Mary F. Crocker, of West Win-sted, Conn., Administratrix of the estate of William E. Crocker, deceased, has petitioned for an extension of the above patent. Day of hearing, September 11,1869, Inventions Patented in England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 795.—DRILLING MACHINE.—Daniel R.Pratt, Worcester, Mass. March 15, 1869. 1,781.—HAMMER FOR FORGING METALS.—P. S. Justice, Philadelphia, Pa. June 9.-1869. 1,829.—MORTISING MACHINE.—John Richards, Philadelphia, Pa. June 15, 1869. 1,831.—APPARATUS FOR LETTER PRINTING.—Wm. H. Williams and J. W. Kellberg, Philadelphia, Pa. June 15,1869. 1,865.-PICK.-C. A. Hardy, Philadelphia, Pa. June 17,1869. 1,880.—APPARATUS TO FACILITATE MOVING RAILWAY CARRIAGES.—Ezra Hutson, Brockport, S. Y. June 18,1869. 1,881.—DEVICE FOR HOLDING PAPERS.—L. H. Olmsted, New York city. June 19,1869. I,85i9.—BLOWING AND PUMPING ENGINES.—A. S. Cameron, New York city. June 21,1869. 1,900.—CARRIAGE WHEELS.—E. G. Woodside, San Francisco, Cal. June 21,1869. 1,945.—CHANGING BBEECH-LOADING SHOT GUNS INTO BREECII-LOADING BIFLES.-F. Wohlgemuth, New Y ork city. June 26,1869. 1,953.—WEIGHING SCALES.—Michael Kennedy, New York city. June 28, 1869. 1,957.— APPARATUS FOR RENDERIKG FATTY MATTER.—C. J. Everett, High-wood Park, N. J. June 28,1869. 1,976.—APPARATUS FOR PRESERVING ANIMAL AND VEGETABLE SUB* STANCES. —S. H. Davis, D. W. Davis, and F. H. Date, Detroit,Mich. June 30, 1869. 1,988.—MANUFACTURE or NAILS OR SPIKES.—Reinhold Boeklin, Brooklyn, N. Y. July 1,1869.