MACHINE FOR SAWING AND EDGINC CLAPBOARDS. -AretUH A. Wilder, of Detroit, Mich., has applied for an extension of the above patent. Day of hearing Oct. 11,1869. MILL FOE GRINDING APPLES.—W. O. Hickok, of Harrisburg, Pa., has petitioned for the extension of the above patent. Day of hearing, November 1,1869. LOOM.—lames O. Lynch, of Ballston Spa, N. Y., has applied for an extension of the above patent. Day of hearing October 11,18G9. Inventions Patented in England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners at Patents."J PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOB SIX MONTHS. 2,0LH.— WATER METER.—Pratt, Whitney and Co., Hartford, Conn. July 5 1869. 1,557.—STOP COCK.—Z. E. Coffin, Newton Center, Mass. May 29,1869. 1,05.—BKK'ECH-LoAmxo FIREARM.—E. E.Stephens, Owensound, and Jas. Ferrier and G. D. Ferrier, Montreal, Canada. July 1,1869. ,008.—Liquti) Miil-Ei!.—,). P. Smith, Cleveland, Ohio. July 2,1809. 2,009.— SPRING FOB RAILROAD CARS, ETC.—P. G. Gardner, New York eity. July 3, 1S09. 2,018.—IMPLEMENT FOE DRAWING NAILS.—Willis Churchill, NewYork city. July 3,1S09. 2,02ii.—MANUFACTURE OF BAR IIION AND THE MACHINERY FOR ROLLING THE SAME INTO VARIOUS FOBMS.—Jas. Montgomery, Xew York city. July 2,037.—REFRIGERATOR.—Wilson Bray, Stockton, N. J. July 6,1869. 2,050.—PUDDLING FURNACE.—James Montgomery, New YorU city. July 2,052.—CIIANDEMEK.—I. P. Frink, New York city. July 7,18C9. 2,054.—PREPARING AND PKESBRvrxa MEAT.—A. S. Lyinan, New York city. July 7,13C9. 2.103.-APPARATUS FOR GENERATING IIYDP.OGKX GAS, AND FOP. CAR BUR ET1NG HYDROGKN CX,\H Oft ATMOSPHKKJC AlK FDU ILLUMINATING ANDOTilEi: PURPOSES.—C. F. Dunderdale, Hew York city. July 12, 1869.