HORSE RAKE.—Nathan Martz, of Berwick, Pa., has applied for an exten sion of the above patent. Day of hearing Feb. 9, 1870. PEESSUEE BELLS.-Margarette L. Barton and Charles A, Buell, of Chat. . ham, Conn., administrators of the estate of .Jason Barton, deceased, have petitioned for the extension of the above patent. Day of hearing March 23,1870. PROCESS AND APPA EATUS FOE COOLING BEEE AND OTHER LiQUiDS.—Jean Louis Beaudelot, of Harancourt, Empire of France, has applied for an extension of the above patent. Day ot hearing, Mareh 30, 18/0. CITY SUBSCRIBERS.—The Scientific AMERICAN will be delivered in everv par tof the city at t3-S0 a year. Single copies for sal at a , itbe News Stands in. this cityTBrQoklyn, J ersey Ci,iy. an\l Williamsburg, and by most of the News Dealers in tlto IJmted Stales. SUBBCRiBBRa—who wish to have their volumes bound, can send them to thisoiffice. The charge for bindiag is $1.50 per volume. The amount should be remitted in advance, and the volumes will be s ent as soon as they are bonnd. BECEiPTS—When money is paid at the office for subscriptions, a receipt for it will be given ; but when ubscribers remit tlxeir money by mall, they may consider the arrival of the first paper a bona-de acknowledgment of their funds.