A patent has recently been secured in Greai Britain for an improvement in this humane invention. It consists in the employment o: elastic cords connecting the thigh with the foot, to imitate the action of the natural muscles, for the purpose of controlling the movements of the several parts of the limb. Ir cases of amputation above the knee, a sack is applied to the socket of the thigh, whicli sack is of proper form to fit the stump of the natural limb, and suspended at its mouth f rorr the edge of the socket of the artificial one, foi the purpose of assisting to support the patient, and relieving the stump from the unpleasant, and often painful and injurious, pressure that is produced upon it by the ordinary methoc of supporting it, by forcing it into a taperec socket. 0. D. Wilcox, M.D., of Easton, Pa., is the inventor. This improvement was secured by patent through the Scientific American Agency.