The passages across the-Atrantieimre been very stormy this winter. The new steamship Arabia (of the Cunard line) which arrived at this port on the 16th iHst., put into Halifax for coal, having been fifteen days on her passage. She is a fine steamer, and having done so well on her trip between Glasgow (where she was built) and Liverpool, we understand that it was asserted she would make a very short passage. A great number of bets, we have been told, were made in our city between different parties, that she would make a shorter voyage than the Baltic, which sailed three days before her. The Baltic made a shorter passage by two days. The last ferry trip of the Pacific from Liverpool, took more than 16 days, and that of the Asia 18, the latter also put into Halifax for coal. We believe these are the first instances of the Cunard New York steamers putting into Halifax. It is somewhat to the credit of propellers that the Glasgow steam propeller beat the Asia on her last voyage more than one day, thus making a voyage nearly equal to that of the Pacific. When we consider that her engines are only 400 horse-power, not one-fourth the actual power of the Asia's or Pacific's, we confess that this ship deserves to carry a broom on her topmast.