An improved Auger Handle has been lately invented by Willis Churchill, of Hamden, New Haven Co., Ct., who has taken measures to secure a patent. The advantages of this handle are, that the auger can be very quickly taken out without much trouble, and a smaller auger be substituted, which is tightened in its place by a rapid turn given to a part of the handle. It is, moreover, much stronger than in the case of those made by the ordinary arrangement. Its principle consists in forming the hwrcltam two-pa* -eaoh having a screw-. ed rod, on which works a cylindrical nut; one of these nuts has two eye-pieces cast on it, and the other has one similar eye-piece. When the auger is to be fixed, the two parts of the handle are placed together and the tool inserted in the socket. It consequently passes through the three eye-pieces which are so arranged that the single eye lies between the two which are on the other nut, hence both parts of the handle are held together by the stock of the auger being passed throqgh the three eyes. But if the stock be not sufficiently tight, it is only necessary to turn one half ot the handle, when its nut will be moved along the screwed rod, and drawing its eye-piece with it, will cause the auger to be firmly held.