A BALL clamp for holding a camera to any suitable support may be made very simply as follows: Two clamp plates should be fashioned out of a 17.i-inch by 5/16-inch stick of wood, one being 4%, inches long and the other 47.i inches. A %, -inch hole is drilled at one end and countersunk on the inside, the other end of the short one being cut away as shown to give the clamp a good grip on angles. Very often a wooden ball can be found on the end of broom handles or a discarded child's ten-pin set, knobs, etc. The !-'iud in the ball is %-inch-24 thread, for standard cameras, and is pressed tight into a hole drilled for it. The cup-head bolt is also 7.i -inc'l-24 and the inside of the head should be filed a very obtuse V as shown to prevent turning and to form a rocking fu'crum when on an angle. The spring on it keeps the clamps apart.