On July 12, NASA released a small set of images from its recently launched James Webb Space Telescope. The dazzling pictures are sure to jolt your imagination, if not give you a healthy bout of goosebumps (see “NASA Triumphantly Unveils Full Set of Webb’s First Images”). After decades of strife, a heart-pounding launch, and even getting hit by a micrometeoroid, the Webb telescope seems well on its way to transforming our understanding of the universe. As Scientific American space editor Lee Billings writes in this issue, the next great era of astronomy has begun.

It’s perhaps poetical, if a bit sad then, that this will be the final issue of our Space & Physics series. It’s been a joy bringing you the most important stories from Scientific American covering the incredible world of the cosmos, the quantum universe, and beyond. We editors are continually evaluating how to best deliver the crucial coverage on these topics, and as we move forward, these PDFs you have enjoyed will become part of Scientific American’s core digital subscription and will no longer be delivered as separate publications. Keep an eye on your in-box for more details, but I think you’ll be excited for what’s coming, and you can always find just as many fascinating articles on the topics that intrigue you most on our Web site and in our newsletters. Thank you for reading!