MESSRS. EDITORS.—In reply to an article in your paper of the 2nd inst., calling for information in relation to the importation of the " Scotch Reaping Machine," permit me to state, that in the year, 1834, the late John B. Yates, of this place (not P. B. Yates) imported one of the Rev. P. Bell's horse-power reaping machines, and in the following year it was put in successful operation here. The machine was sent by Mr. Peter Gibson, of Dundee, via Liverpool, per ship Sheffield, Hackstaff, master, to the care of Messrs. Boarman, Johnston & Co., of New York, who received payment for the same at the office of Yates & Mclntyre, in New York on the 9th day of April, 1835. Its whole cost on delivery at New York, including duties, charges, &c, was $345,40. The first trial of its working powers was made in the presence of several residents of this village, as well as Mr. Yates, the Rev. Mr. Bell, the inventor, and myself, and resulted in the reaping of a level field of wheat of from two to three acres in about as many hours. I will only add, that I then acted as the general agent of Mr. Yates's affairs here, and since his decease, which occurred in July, 1836, have performed the duties of an Executor of his will. Among the farmingfef-fects left by him was this very machine, and although now in a ruinous condition, it may still be seen at this place. Your's, &c. GEORGE K. FULLER. Chittenango, Madison Co., N. Y,, Oct. 18. We are much obliged to Mr. Fuller for the prompt and complete manner in which he has replied to our request. We would state here to those who assert that Mr. Bell's ma/ chine was imported into this country before McCormick or Hussey's were invented, that O. Hussey's reaper was patented in 1833, and McCormick's in 1834