On Tuesday last week (13fh) a steam boiler exploded at the foundry of ,1. A. Pratt, Attorney street, this city, by which one man, Thomas Reilly, was killed. Onthe22d, the coroner's jury returned tbe following verdict :— "That Thomas Reilly came to his death by fracture of the skull, from a stone or brick, thrown by the explosion of the steam boiler in the foundry of John B. Pratt, July 18 1853. That said, explosion was the result of said boiler not being sufficiently braced by its builder, said builder being to the Jury unknown, but believed to be in Canada." [This we assert is an outrageous decision, and the very reverse of creditable to the Jury that rendered it, and the coroner who gave them the charge. Literary Notices PBAOTICAL DBAOQHTBMAN'S BooK—Tha second number of this superior work, from the French of Armersiraud. by Wm. Johnson, of the " Glasgow Practical Mechanic's Journal," is just issued by Stringer & Townsend, 222 Broadway, this city ; H is a work without a superior for architects, machinists and engineers. We commend it without any reserve. THE SMUGGLE AMOHG THE NATIONS OP THE BAKTH—This is tie title of a pamphlet published by -K. ii. i.'ioi,,,jer, 141 Nassau st, this city : it ex-plaiiia prophecy, i"iii ttwiljoc ititiiWvvvents which are to take place during the next fifteen years. LITTELL'S LIVING AGE.—No. 17, new series, of this unrivalled weekly magazine, published by Lit-tell, Son & Co., Boston, contains M strong and useful articles, selected from the best magazines of English literature. Wnsos's BBSIHSSS DIRECTORY for 1853-54, published by John V. Trow, of 61 Ann street, N. Y. This ia one of the most useful books for citizens and strangers who wisli to rind the store, office, or place of business of any man or company in our city. It contains 37,212 names of persons and firms doing business in this city. The classification is excellent.