WTF, Evolution?! A Theory of Unintelligible Design
by Mara Grunbaum
Workman, 2014

Sea potatoes, pigbutt worms and hairy squat lobsters are among the odd, ugly and “unintelligible” creatures portrayed in this full-color compendium of unusual members of the animal kingdom. Science journalist Grunbaum, who writes a popular Tumblr blog of the same name as her book, accompanies photographs of bizarre organisms with hilarious commentary, often in the form of fictional conversations between the author and “evolution,” who has this to say about the smalltooth sawfish: “You know how I usually put fish's teeth inside their mouths?… Well, what if I made a fish with teeth on the outside? Like, all around the edges of a really long snout? Like a gigantic face-saw!” Although many of the species profiled here have downright disgusting quirks (such as baby toads that crawl through their mother's skin), readers can't help but be awed by them.