Measures to secure a patent for improvements in the above have been taken by N. C. Travis, ot Canistota, N. Y. The merits of this invention consist in attaching to the same driving shaft both a crank pulley for communicating the reciprocating motion, and also a band wheel to give a rotary motion. Both the pulley and wheel revolve loosely until either operation of mortising or boring is required, when, if the lormer is wanted, the pulley is thrown into gear by means of a clutch, but if the wood is to be bored, the band wheel is operated by a similar arrangement. Either of these adjustments can be effected whilst the driving shaft is in motion by simply shifting a lever. In cases where hard wood is to be mortised, this plan is peculiarly valuable, as it is necessary to employ, previously, the boring operator, it the chisel is to cut effectually.