Scientists have discovered another appetite hormone called obestatin. Though closely related to the hunger hormone ghrelin, obestatin has the opposite effect and offers a new target in the fight against fatness.

Science, November 11, 2005

Emotional stress hampers problem solving, but propranolol, a beta blocker sometimes used to treat panic attacks, reversed the decline by interfering with the action of the stress hormone norepinephrine.

Society for Neuroscience meeting, November 2005

Where to put the cupholders? Rice University researchers made a single-molecule “car”—complete with a chassis, axles and buckyball wheels—that rolled on a gold surface when heated. At about four nanometers long, it is slightly wider than a strand of DNA.

Nano Letters, November 2005

A blood test can detect fragments of the mutant genes from cells of colon cancer at a stage when the disease can be treated, providing a possible alternative to colonoscopy.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, November 8, 2005