Transgenic peas set off an immune reaction in mice, even though the new gene came from a nonallergenic bean. The cause: a subtly different array of sugar molecules on the gene's protein. The finding, which abruptly ended a field trial, indicates that modified crops could create unanticipated allergy risks unless they are evaluated case by case.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, November 16, 2005

Salt cravings may depend on birth weight: smaller babies preferred saltier water than heavier infants did, a fondness that persisted into preschool.

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition online, November 23, 2005

Ground-penetrating radar on the Mars Express orbiter has revealed what appears to be thick subsurface water ice at the Martian north pole and at a buried impact crater.

Science online, November 30, 2005

Relieved of the glacial weight from the last ice age, northeastern North America is slowly springing up and, researchers now find, moving south, by about a millimeter a year.

Nature, December 15, 2005