Capt. McKinnon, of the Royal Navy, who knows the qualities of both the British and American steamers well, and who was on board of the Adriatic during her late passage from Liverpool, predicted that she would make the voyage in 20 hours les8 than any other i steamer afloat. She beat the Persia by about 24 hours. The captain says of her, " I feel satisfied that no person of experience can deny that the AdTiatic, as a whole, is the most perfect sea-going steamer in the wOTld; the clean, knife-like manner in which she cuts the water, is a perfect marvel. When on an even keel, there is no break of wave until the paddles strike the water. Astern, the sea is smoother than in any other place on the converging current, cutting off the heads of sea as a scythe cuts grass. I never remember being in a ship which gave me so much confidence as to strength, stability and power." This tribute of praise to the Adriatic is as true as it is faithful. She is the most beautiful model of any vessel afloat. She carries Calcium or Drummond light signals, which can be seen at a great distance during night or even in fogs, which ensures safety from collisions. No expense has been spared to render her, in point of equipments, the first steamer in the world.