We lately witnessed the operation of this simple and compact press, for printing three or more colors at one impression, and were highly pleased with the effective and beautiful manner in which the colors were combined upon cards. The respective parts for holding the lines of type which are to receive different colored inks, are so arranged and operated in relation to the respective inking rollers and their movements as to enable all the type, after being properly inked, to be combined and embraced in one form on a single platen, and the impression to be then obtained from the same. This distinct inking of the rollers and type and combination is effected in a very simple and self-acting manner, and by it any combination of colors, no matter what their peculiar arrangement may he, so that their parts can be held in distinct frames, can be imprinted. It is the invention of Stephen Brown, of Syracuse, N. Y., and was patented through the Scientific American Patent Agency on the 6th of January, 1855.