India-rubber articles of every description for inventors and others, furnished by W. G. Vermilye, 6 Park Place, New York. W. Knight, M.D., of Demerara, British Guiana, wants to purchase paper-pulp machinery of the most approved construction. Address as above. " Broughton's " Lubricators are more economical of oil, and and every way better than any others in the market. Address, for circulars, H. Moore, 41 Center st., New York, Manufacturer. A Civil and Mechanical Engineer, having had 15 years experience, desires an engagement. Address Engineer, Crooks' Hotel, Chatham st., New York. Manufacturers of stationary and portable engines please send circulars with lowest cash prices to S. Noyse, Lock Box 18, New Orleans. Wanted A small second-hand iron planer, either hand or power. Address Melone McCune, Mt. Gilead, Morrow county, Ohio. The magnetic needle threader is seid by M. C. Munson, Washington, D. C, price 25 cents. It consists of a small horseshoe magnet, with grooves and perforations for the needle eye. An emery cushion and eyelet point also attached. For sale The best propelling wheel for canal boats or boats of shallow or swift waters. Address H. T. Fenton, Water St., Cleveland, O. 200 bars 1-in. octagon tool steel, best quality, for sale. The lot at 14 cents per lb. Sweet, Barnes Co., Syracuse, N. Y. Rare chance for agents. D. L. Smith, Waterbury, Conn. The Tanite Emery Wheel. For circulars of this superior wheel, address " Tanite Co.," Stroudsburgh, Pa. Money Plenty To patent and introduce valuable inventions for an interest in them. National Paient Exchange, Buffalo, N. Y. H. C. Sandusky Co., General Agents for the sale of patents. Eights, territory, and patented articles sold on commission, 12 Mill st. opposite Postoffice, Lexington, Ky. Peck's patent drop press. For circulars, address the sole manufacturers, Milo Peck Co., New Haven, Ct. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, and durable. Also, Glazier's diamonds. See advertisement. Keuffel Esser's, 71 Nassau si, New York, the best place to get first-class drawing materials. Agency Wanted by a responsible party, who has good store room. Best reference. C. E. Roberts, 138 Lincoln st., Boston, Mass. Saw Gunimers, improved upsets, and other saw tools, manufactured by G. A. Prescott, SandyMill,"K..Y. Send for a circular. Mechanical Draftsman Wanted A thoroughly competent man, on iron-bridge work. Bring specimens and testimonials. Salary $3 to $4 per day. J. H. Linville, 42S Walnut st., Philadelphia, Pa. Gear-cutting Engine for sale. A new machine with large index table. Also, worm arrangement with full set change gear, accurately adjusted. Address Wm. M. Hawes Co., Fall River, Mass. One hundred horse power Corliss steam engine for sale in good order. Address W. B. Le Van, Machinist, 24th and Wood sts., Philadelphia. Etching on saw blades A cheap and rapid process wanted, to take the place of stamping name,etc. Must be small and neat throughout, and duplicate of each other. Woodrough McParlin, Cincinnati, Ohio " Broughton's " Oilers are the best. Manufactory 41 Center st. Inventors' and Manufacturers' Gazette a journal of new inventions and manufactures. Profusely illustrated. March ~No. out. $1 per year. Sample copies sent. Address Saltiel Co., Postoffice box 448, or 37 Park Eow, New York City. The manufacture and introduction of sheet and cast metal small wares is made a specialty by J. H. White, Newark, N. J. The Magic Comb will color gray hair a permanent black or brown. Sent by mail for $1*25. Address Wm. Patton, Treasurer Magic Comb Co., Springfield, Mass. For coppered iron castings address J. H. White, Newark, N. J. . W. J. T. We think the patent asbestos roofing manufactured by H. W. Johns, of this city, is the best substitute for tin or slate. It is cheap and easily applied. Tempered steel spiral springs. John Chatillon, 91 and 93 Cliff St., New York. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Mills, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Iron. W. D. McGowan,iron broker,73 Water st., Pittsburgh,Pa. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of Parker Brothers' Power Presses. Diamond-pointed or edged tools for mining, working stone, or other hard substances. See advertisement, page 207. Winans' boiler powder, N. Y., removes and prevents incrustations without injury or foaming; 12 years in use. Beware of imitations. The paper that meets the eye of all the leading manufacturers throughout the United States The Boston Bulletin. $4 a year.