Send for Agents' Circular—Hinkley Knitting Machine Co., 176 Broadway. Adding Machines, simple & thorough, Macdonald,37 Park Row. $1000 a month made by parties in Chicago manufacturing Russell's chilled iron sleigh shoes. Eastern States for sale. W. S. Garrison No. 4, Arcade Court, Chicago, 111. Unusual opportunity—Aclertisement signed Postofiice Box 993,Minneapolis,Mlnii. Manufacturers can now obtain a fine business stand, at very low price, by applying to F. H. Hoyt, Darien Depot, Conn. ' Wanted—A partner to patent five good improvements. For further particulars address Postofiice box 124 Brazil, Ind. To Founderymen.—For Sale—The right to manufacture, in the Eastern States, " Russell's Chilled Iron Sleigh Shocs,"witli Overman's Pat. tastenings. IJniversally approved. As good as steel,and cheaper than com-mon iron. Profits immense. W. S. Garrison, No.4 Arcade Court,Chicago,Ill. Machinist—J. P. Byrne, of Groveport, Franklin Co.,Ohio,writes that he is 16 years of age, and desires to learn the trade of a machinist. Chicago Railway Review.—Says the Davenport Daily Journal: " Every number fills a place as the organ of railway interests, in which it has, in the West, no rival." Price $2 per year. Advertisements received. Wanted—Any material more powerful than powder for blasting rock. Address Humbird & Hitchcock,Southampton Mills,Somerset Co.,Pa. Peck's patent drop press. Milo Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. The Best and Cheapest Boiler-fiue Cleaner is Morse's. Send to A. H, & M. Morse, Franklin, Mass., for circular. Agents wanted. Inventors and Manufacturercs of small patent articles will consult their interests by addressing R. Tilden, 63 Coruhill, Boston, Mass. If you have a Patent to sell,or desire any article manufactured or introduced, address National Patent Exchange, Bufi"alo, N. Y. E. Kelly, New Brunswick, N. J., manufactures all kinds of machinery used in working Rubber. The Family Steelyard—A new thing, weighs correctly from-a balance and ounce notches throughout. Send for circular. H. Maran-ville, Akron, Ohio. Wanted—A competent Sewing Machinist, to take charge of repairing. Address " F," Baltimore, Md. J. T. Plass' patent safety band saw, is the most perfect saw made. Gives universal satisfaction. Manufactured only at his works, 204 East 29th st.. New York. Send for descriptive circular. Materials for all Mechanics and Manufacturers, mineral substances, drugs, chemicals, acids, ores, etc., for sale by L. & J. W. Feuclit-wanger. Chemists, Drug, and Mineral Importers, 55 Cedar st., New York. Postofflce Box 3616. Analyses made at short notice. Ulster Bar Iron, all sizes, rounds, squares, flats, ovals, and half-ovals, for machinery and manufacturing purposes, in lots to suit purchasers. Egleston Brothers & Co., 166 South St., New York. Wanted—A second-hand "Index Milling Machine." Send price, etc., etc., to W. F. Parker, Meriden, Conn. Grindstones are kept true and sharp by using Geo. C. How-ard's Patent Hacker. Send for circular 17 S. 18th st., Philadelphia. Cochrane's low water steam port—The best safeguard against explosions and burning. Manufactured by J. C. Cochrane,Rochcster,N,Y. Send for a circular on the uses of Soluble Glass, or Silicates of Soda and Potash. Manufactured by L. & J. W. Feuchtwanger, Chemists and Drug Importers, 55 Cedar St., New York. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable. Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st., New York. Leschot's Patent Diamond-pointed Steam Drills save, on the average, fifty per cent 01 the cost of rock drilling. Manufactured only by Severance & Holt, 16 Wall st., New York. Tempered steel spiral springs made to order. John Chatillon, 91 and 93 Clift' St., New Tork.: For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron IVIills, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of Parker's Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for pointing and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.. New York. For Sale Cheap—A new combined hanft and power cloth-bailing press, all complete. S. J. Dederick, 35 and 37 Park Place, N. Y. For Sale—A 20-H. P. link-motion propeller engine, suitable for stationary, good order. Hosford & GarBidc8,211 Greene st.,Jer8ey City The " Compound " Wrought-iron Grate |Bar is the best and cheapest. Send for circular. Handel, Moore & Co., 12,iPine street. Postofiice Box 5,669.