Send for Agents' Circular—Hinkley Knitting Machine Co., 176 Broadway. Every wheelwright and blacksmith should have one of Dins-more's tire shrinkers. Price $40. E. H. Allen & Co., P.O. Box 37G,NewYork. Automatic Lathes, for spools and tassel molds, made by H. H. Frary, Jonesville, Vt. Great invention for farmers ready to patent. I will assign the whole, or a part on fair terms. Address E. Myers, Creagerstown, Md. Air Treatment for Fermentation, Germination, Purifying, and Preserving. Rights for sale. Apply to E. d'Heureuse, P. O. Box 6814, N.Y . 507 Mechanical Movements, including many never before published. By mail, 1 12. Address Theo. Tusch, No. 37 Park Row. If you want the real oak-tanned leather-belting, C. W. Amy manufactures it. See advertisement. Peck's patent drop press. For circulars, address the sole manufacturers, Milo Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. Wanted—A Partner with capital to bring out a valuable Pat ent. E. Myers, Creagerstown, Md. S. S. Pollard's celebrated Mill Picks,137 Raymond st.,Brooklyn. Galvanizing.—Wanted—A man to take charge of a shop who perfectly understands galvanizing cast iron. Address, with terms and references, Wm. Eesor & Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Chas. P. Williams, No. 327 Walnut st, Philadelphia, Analytical and Consulting Chemist, and Metallurgist. Inventors and Manufacturerss of small patent articles will consult their interests by addressing E. Tilden, 63 Cornhill, Boston, Mass. If you have a Patent to sell,or desire any article manufactured or introduced, address National Patent Exchange, Buffalo, N. Y. E. Kelly, New Brunswick, N. J., manufactures all kinds of machinery used in working Eubber. Materials for all Mechanics and Manufacturers, mineral substances, drugs, chemicals, acids, ores, etc., for sale by L. & J. W. Feucht-wanger, Chemists, Drug, and Mineral Importers, 55 Cedar St., New York. Postofflce Box 3616. Analyses made at short notice. Ulster Bar Iron, all sizes, rounds, squares, flats, ovals, and half-ovals, for machinery and manufacturing purposes, in lots to suit purchasers. Es;leston Brothers & Co., 166 South St., New York. Wanted—A second-hand " Index Milling Machine." Send price, etc., etc., to W. F. Parker, Meriden, flonn. Grindstones are kept true and sharp by using Geo. C. Howard's Patent Hacker. Send for circular 17 S. IStli St., Philadelphia. Cochrane's low water steam port—The best safeguard against explosions and burning. Manufactured by J. C. Cochrane,Eochester,N.Y. Send for a circular on the uses of Soluble Glass, or Silicates of Soda and Potash. Manufactured by L. & J. W. Feuchtwanger, Chemists and Drug Importers, 55 Cedar St., New York. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau St., New York. Leschot's Patent Diamond-pointed Steam Drills save, on the average, fifty per cent 01 the cost of rock drilling. Manufactured only by Severance & Holt, 16 Wall St., New York. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron MillB, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metala read advertisement of the Parker Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for pointing and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau St., New York. The " Compound " Wrought-iron Grate Bar is the best and cheapest. Send for circular. Handel, Moore & Co., 13 Pine street. Postofflce Box 5,669. For sale by State or County the Patent Right lor the best Cul-ivator in use. For terms address Isaiah Henton. Shelbyville, III.