The Charge for insertion under this head is One Dollar a Line. If the Notices exceed Four Lines. One Dollar and a Half per line will be charged. Just what you have been looking for. We build all kinds °f experimental machinery and models on short notice and reasonable terms. Henry&Co., 185 Eldridge st., New York. Wanted-By a man of first-class experience, a situation as electro bright and dead plater and gilder. Good reference. Address H. E. Osborn, Postoffice Box 151,West Meriden, Conn. A thorough sewing machinist desires employment. Address James R. Ellis, Baltimore, Md. If you want the real oak-tanned leather-belting, C. W. Amy manufactures it. See, advertisement. Peck's patent drop press. For circulars, address the sole manufacturers, Milo Peck&Co., New Haven, Ct. You can get your patent articles manufactured quick and cheap at Henry&Co.'s, 125 Eldridge st., New York. Every wheelright and blacksmith should have one of Dins- more's tire shrinkers. Price $40. R. H. Allen&Co., P.O.Box 37G, NewY°rt. War,tedA practical machinist and draftsman wants a stiua- tion as draftsman. Best recommendation can be given. Address Eugen Walther, 638 Callowhill st., Philadelphia. Glynn's Anti-Incrustator for Steam BoilerThe only reliable preventative. No foaming,and does not attack metals of boiler. Liberal terms to Agents. C. D. Fredricks, 587 Broadway, New York. Chemicals, Drugs, Minerals, Metals, Acids,etc., for all Mechanics and Manufacturers, for sale by L.&J. VV. Feuohtwanger, Chemists, and Importers of Drugs and Minerals, 55 Cedar st., New York. Who wants a good 15-in. swing Engine Lathe, address Star Tool Co., Providence, R. 1. For SaleA valuable pat.for a composition for covering boilers, steam pipes, etc., E. D.&W. A. French, 3d&Vine sts., Camden, N. J. Cradle-finger Machine wanted bySmith& Montross,Galien,Mich. WantedA set of the best new machinery for converting standing trees into short, split firewood. W. H. H. Green, Jackson, Miss Clothes Wringers of all kinds repaired or taken in part pay for the “ Universal,” which is warranted durable. R. C. Browning, Agent, 32 Courtlandt st., New York. For SaleCotton Planter.The entire right of the King Cotton Planterthe only successful in use. Have been worked since the war, and given universal satisfaction. The machine is Simple, strong, and can be built cheaply. Will sell at a lowfigure. Reason for disposing ofit iswant of time to give it proper attention. Address S. N. Brown&Co., Dayton, O. Hot Pressed Wrought Iron Nuts, of all sizes, manufactured and for sale at moderate prices by J. H. Sternbergh, Reading, Pa. Vols., Nos., and Sets of Scientific American for sale. Address Theo. Tusch, No. 3'7 Park Row, New York city. Cold RolledShafting,piston rods,pump rods,Collins pat.double compression couplings,manufactured by Jones&Laughlins,Pittsburgh,Pa. Man'f 'rs of grain-cleaning machinery and others can have sheet zinc perforated at 2c. per sq. ft. R. Aitchison&Co., 845 state st., Chicago Send for a circular on the uses of Soluble Glass, or Silicates of Soda and Potash,fire and water-proof. Manufactured by L.&J. W. Feuch- twanger, Chemists and Drug Importers, 55 Cedar st., New York. Mill-iltone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable. Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.,New York. Leschot's Patent Diamond-pointed Steam Drills save, on the average, fifty per cent ot the cost of rock drilling. Manufactured only by Severance&Holt, 16 Wall st., New York. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Millc, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of the Parker Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for pointing and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson, 64: Nassau st., New York. Facts Cor tlic Ladies. I have one of the Wheeler&Wilson Sewing Machines, Which has been in constant use for the past fifteen (15) years. It has never been repaired, and to*day is in perfect order,nnd is equal, for all kinds of work, to any machine I have yet seen. It has been used in making heavy clothing, besides doing all manner of family sewing, and I think it gets better every day. Mrs. Joab Scales. Toronto, Ontario. 95,405.-Composition for Making Types for Printing Wall Paper, Oilcloth, and other Fabeics.-R. A. Adams, New York city. 95,406Sawing Machine.W. A. Allen, Baltimore, Md. 95.407.MedicalCompound or Cordial.Joseph Ambrose, Nashville, Tenn. 95.408.HayLoader.Isaac Anderson, Poland, Ohio. 95.409.BindingGuide for Sewing Machine.E. F. Angell, Chicago, 1ll. 95.410.HamesFastener.H. W. Austin and E. C. Perry, Portage township; Edwin C. Perry, assignor to G. T. Nash, Kalamazoo Mich. 95.411.CottonPress.Augustine Baldwin, New York city. Antedated Sept. 22,1869. 95.412.Apparatusfor Carbureting Am and Gas. Arthur Barbarin, New Orleans, La. 95.413.Devicefor Steaming Rovings.Solomon Barber, South Coventry, Conn. 95,41 4.Band Cutter.W. C. Barr and E. J. Hunkins, Macon City, Mo.; said Hunkins assignor to said Barr for his right. Antedated Sept. 22, 1869. 95.415.WashingMachine.B. B. Beers and Nathan Couch, New Fairfleld, Conn. 95.416.Hayand Cotton Press .John Berkeley, Washington, Texas. 95 417.Shaft Coupling for Carriages.Albert Betteley, Boston, Mass. 95,418.-Machine for Soldering Tin Cans.J. G. Bor: den, Brewster Station, N. Y. 95,410.Purifying Iron and Stbei,, or other Metal. Edward Brady, Pliilacl.lphia, Pa. 95.420.-RimPress and Tbe Heater.J. H. BrUton, Painesville, Ohio. 95.421.TableSlide.Aaron Brower (assignor to himself and C. S. Hall), Rochester, N. Y. Antedated Sept. i8, 1S,'9. 95.422.Cotton-ThinningMachineI. W. Burch, Fayette Miss. 95.423.ThrashingMachine.Duncan Campbell, Indian Town, Ill. 95.424.SafetyPin for Securing Clothing.Frederick Catlin, New York City. 95.425.Dyers'Vat.H. Champenois, New York city. 95.426.Attachmentfor Window Sash Cords.S. N. Chapin, New Britain, Conn. 95.427.StumpExtractor.Daniel S. Chapman, Conneaut, Ohio. 95,42tl.Refrigeratob.A. J. Chase (assignol'to B. F.Horn), Boston, Mass. - 95.429.CookingStove.B. F. Clement (assignor to C. H. Buck and W. S. Wright), St. Louis, Mo. 95.430.HamesFastener.J. Clendening, Rockford, Ill. 95.431.RailwayCab Coupling.Michael Connelly (assignor to himself and H. W. Rogers), Baltimore, Md. 95.432.HerniaTruss.D. J. Coo per, New Orleans, La. 95.433.Trussand Supporter.D. J. Cooper, New Orleans, La. 95.434.RailwayCar Coupling.Wm. Cottrell (assignor to himself and F. G. Wiese), Bordentown, N . J. 95 435.Lathing Machine.George N. Creamer, Trenton, N. J. 95.436.Beehive.L. H. Critchfield, Shreeve, Ohio. 95.437.Springfob Gang Plows.H. N. Dalton, Pacheco, Cal. 95.438.Wbench.A.B. Davis, Pleasantville, Pa. 95.439.HayDerrick.Winfield Denton, Iowa City, Iowa, 95.440.HorsePower.Joseph Diflendal and S. Hughes, Westminster, Md. 95.441.Methodof Fobming Moldings.Joseph Dill and E, Rice,Grand Rapids, Mich. 95.442.Bandfor Booms and Gaffs .David Dry burgh, Philadelphia, Pa. Antedated Sept. 20,1869. 95.443.RailroadSpike. P. J. Dwyer, Elizabethport, N. J. 95.444.BoilerFeeder Alarm Device.J. W. Ebert and E. C. McCloy, Zanesville, Ohio. 95.445.Appabatusfob Evaporating and De composing Liquids.Albert Eckstein (assignor to “Zdenks Ritter Von Wessely"), Vienna, Austria. 95.446.TurnTable.L. W. Emmart and E. D. Griffith, Washington, D, C. 95.447.BalingPress.O. J. Emmett, New York city. 95.448.HoistingMachine.Wm. Eppelsheimer (assignor to himself and E. A. Trapp), San Francisco, Cal. 95.449.-SnowPlow. C. L. Ericzon, Salt Lake, Utah Territory. 95.450.FixingPuddling and Boiling Furnaces.M. Z Evans, Ormsby. Pa. Antedated Oct. 1, 1869. 95.451.HayRaker and Loader.Newton Farlow and J. A. Ham, Sullivan, Ill. 95.452.Devicefor Supporting the Shafts of VEHICLES, Rubin Fink and Reuben Daveler, Lancaster, Pa. 95.453.WheeledCultivator and Plow.Sam'l Fisher, Hightstown, N. J. 95.454.SausageStuffer.Charles Forschner, New York city. 95.455.ToyTop.Henry Foulkes, Utica, N. Y. 95.456.Bearingfor Spindles in Spinning Machines,, B. Fuller, Norwich, Conn. Antedated Sept.16, 1869. 95.457.AttachingHandles to Cutlery.J. W. Gardner (assignor to “ Lamson and Goodnow Manufacturing Co."), Shelburne Falls. Mass. 95.458.Harrow.D.L. Garver, Hart township, Mich. 95.459.Manufactureof Coal Gas.Wm. Gibson, Cambridge, Mass. 95.460.LampBurner.E. L. Gilman (assignor to himself ' and F. Houghton), Somerville, Mass. 95.461.Hot-AirFurnace.B. Gommenginger and C. W. Trotter, Rochester, N. Y. 95.462.Machinefor Drawing Flax, etc.John Good, Brooklyn, E. D.,N. Y. 95.463.KnifeGuard.E. A. Goodes (assignor to the Philadelphia Patent and Novelty Co.), Philadelphia, Pa. 95.464.WashBoii,er.S. A. Goodwin, Buffalo, N. Y. 95.465.Processof Preparing Alizarine.Ghas. Graeb, Frankfort-on-the-Main, and Charles Liebermann, Berlin, Prussia. 95.466.CarriageSeat.S. P. Graham, Columbus, Ohio. 95.467.Harrow.P.S. Graves and P. B. Parcell, Ashmore - Ill. REISSUES. 64,484.Bucket EARDated May 7, 1867; reissue 3,658.- Henry Callahan, -John Reese, and R S. Hoglen, Dayton, Ohio, assignees, by mesne assignments, of Henry Callahan. 35,141.Cooking S'rovE.Dated May 6, 1862 ; reissue 3,659. -E. J. Cridge, Troy, N. Y. 57,743.Metal fbame for Pianos.Dated Sept. 4, 1866 ; reissue 3f)60.Martin Martins, New York city. 86,305.Metallic Latiiing.Dated Jan. 26, 1869 ; reissue 3,ti61.I. V. Holmes, New York city. 45,272.Wash Boiler.Dated Nov. 29, 1864 ; reissue 3,662. .John Reist, Philadelphia, Pa. 91,388.-Attachment Main Springs to Watch Barrel^ ctc.Dated J"ne 15, 1869 ; antedated Dec. 15, 1868; reissue 3,66S.Arthur 'Yadsworth, Newark, N. J., for himself and Robert Schell,Kew York city, assignee of Arthur Wadswortb. 78,705.Spring SEAT.-Dated June 9, 1868 ; reissue 3,664.- J. L. Whipple, Detroit, Mich. 48,366.Tremolo Attachment.Dated June 27, 1865 ; reissue 3,444, dated May 18, 1869; reissue 3,665.Alonzo Hitchcock, George G. Saxe, and James h. Robertson. New York City, assigneers of Hiley W. Carpenter. DESIGNS. 3,687.buckle.Alma .Bedford, Coldwater, Mich. 3.688.CenterPmCE.-Henry Berger, New York city. 3.689.DrawerPull.F. W. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent&Co.), New Haven, Conn. 3,690 and 3,691.Latch HANT'J^E.F. W. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent&Co.), New Haven, Conn. Two Patents. 3.692.MatchSafe.F. W. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent & Co.), New Haven,Conn. 3.693.ShuttleHook.F. W. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent&Co.), New Haven, Conn. 3,694 and 3,695.Sash Lift.F. W. Brocksieper (assignor to Sargent&Co.), New Haven, Conn. Two Patent::;. 3.696.DoorKNOB.Stephen Eich, East Toledo, Ohio. 3.697.Muff.J.K. Cappelhoff' New York city. 3,698 to 3,703.Carpet Pat'tern.E. J. Ney,Dracut, Mass., assignor to Lowell Manufacturing Co. Six Patents. 3.704.Bell.F.G. Niedringhaus, St. Louis, Mo. 3.705.-Tea Service.Wm. Parkin (assignor to Reed&Barton), Ta'inton,-Mass. 3.706.KnittedCap.Wm. Schwab, New York city. 3.707.TradeMark.George C. Thilenius, Cape Girar- deau,Mo. EXTENSIONS. Boring Maciiine.Arcalous Wyckoff and E. R. Morrison, o Elmira, N. Y.Letters Patent No. 13,60b, dated Sept. 25, 1S55; reissue No 404. dated Oct. 14. 1856. Interlocking Grate Bars.S. Van Syckle,of Titusville,Pa. Letters Patent No. 13,669, dated Oct. 9, 1855.