Send for Agents' Circular-Hinkley Knitting Machine Co., 176 Broadway. To Inventors—Garrison's Model and Exchange Rooms for exhibition of models and sale of rights for the Northwest,No.5 Arcade Court, Chicago. The largest establishment of the kind west of New York. Territory for sale or exchange for real estate of the 0 U U I X L carriage-seat fastener. Send for circular. Address H. E. Murray,Chester, Omng'e county, N. Y. E. Myers,Creagerstown,Md.,wants address of harvester makers. Engine builders, planing and machinery for a sash, blind, and door factory, send price lists to P. O. Lock Box No. 3, Lavaca, Texas. American Oil Feeders are in use on shafting and loose pulleys at American Institute Fair. Made by J. B. Wickersham. 143 South Front st., Philadelphia. Send for circular. 'The Novelty Job Printing Presses, for printers, merchants, and amateurs. C. C. Thurston, Agent, Brooklyn, N. Y. Manganese Ores suitable for glass, steel, oil boilers, at low prices. Muriatic Acid, full strength, price 134 cents per lb. Soda Ash. Bleaching Powder, fresh made, full test, at market prices. Michigan Chemical Company, Jackson, Mich. Wanted—A large quantity of cast-steel castings, manufactured ough and strong, weight half-pound each. Address H. Birdsall, Son&Co., Penn Yan, N. Y. Shafting, Hangers, and Pulleys, Craig's Oscillating Steam En- nes, on hand and to order. Gallatin&Brevoort Machine Works, 223 Front st., New York. Peck's patent drop press. Milo Peck&Co., ^ ew Haven, Ct. The Best and Cheapest Boiler-flue Cleaner is Morse's. Send to A. H.&M. Morse, it'anklin, Mass., for circular. Agents wanted. Snow-plow patent for sale. M. A.&1.M. Cravath,Lansing,Mich. For Norris' Self-acting Spooling Gage (measures spool silk and cotton thread), address R. H. Norris, Paterson, N. J. Wanted—Manufacturer to introduce and fill orders for a patent cast-iron shutter worker. Address T. H. Bradley, War Department, Washington, D. 0. Every wheelright and blacksmith should have one of Dins- more's tire shrinkers. Price $40. R. H. Allen&Co., P.O.Box 37G, NewYork. Glynn's Anti-Incrustator for Steam Boiler—The only reliable preventative. No foaming,and does not attack metals of boiler. Liberal terms to Agents. C. D. Fredricks, 587 Broadway, New York. Chemicals, Drugs, Minerals, Metals, Acids,etc., for all Mechanics and Manufacturers, for sale by L.&J. W. Feuchtwanger, Chemists, and Importers of Drugs and Minerals. 55 Cedar st., New York. Clothes Wringers of all kinds repaired or taken in part pay for the “Universal/' which is warranted durable. R. C. Browning, Agent, 82 Courtlandt st., New York. For Sale—Cotton Planter.—The entireright of the King Cotton Planter—the oniy successful in use. Have been worked since the war, and given universal satisfaction. The machine is simple, strong, and can be built cheaply. Will seilat a lowflgure. Reasonfor disposing of it is want of time to give it proper attention. Address S. N. Brown&Co., Dayton, O. Hot Pressed Wrought Iron Nuts, of all sizes, manufactured and for sale at moderate prices by J. H. Sternbergh, Reading, Pa. Cold Rolled—Shafting,piston rods,pump rods,Collins pat.double compression couplings,manufactured by Jones&Laughlins,Pittsburgh,Pa. l'Ian'f'rs of grain-cleaningmachinery and others can have Bheet zinc perforated at 2c. per sq. ft. R. Aitchison&Co., 845 State st., Chicago. Send for a circular on the uses of Soluble Glass, or Silicates of Soda and Potashfre and water-proof. Manufactured by L.&J. W. Feuchtwanger, Chemists and Drug Importers, 55 Cedar st., New York. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable. Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st., New York. Leschot's Patent Diamond-pointed Steam Drills save, on the average, fifty per cent 01 the cost of rock drilling. Manufactured only by Severance&Holt, 16 Wall st., New York. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Millc, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of the Parker Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for pointing and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson. 64 Nassau st., New York.