The Chargefor Insertion under this head is One Dollar a Line. J,f Notces exceed Four Lines. One Dollar and a Ralf per line will be charged. To ascertain where there will be a demand for new machinery or manufacturers' supplies read Boston Commercial Bulletin's manufac-turin news of the United States. Terms $400 a year. For the best and cheapest scroll saw, address circular Post-office Box 30S Fort Plain. N. Y. Blacksmiths and machinists send for circular of patent swage block. Lyman Kinsley & Co ., Cambridgeport, Mass. Patent pocket safety letter carrier. " A Neat Pocket Friend." By mail $1, postpaid. Address J. W. Burns. Medway, Clark county, Ohio. Steel springs tempered. J. F. Dubber. 42 Hicks st ., Brooklyn, N. Y., patentee of the self-closing pocketbook. For Sale—The patent right of a" Combined Mat and Foot Scraper.' $800. "C. B .... New York Postoffice. Box 1904. Send for the Acme Clab Skate. See advertisement. Boiler for Sale, 12 feet long. 3 feet dia., 30 3-in. tubes, with front grate bars, safety valve, steam gage, gage corks, all complete, and in perfect order. at Foundery S33 E. 56th st., near 2fl ave. Peck's patent drop press. Milo Peck & Co., ew Haven, Ct. H. Loftie, Syracuse, N. Y.,wants a non-freezing hydrant. Manufacturers 'of wrought-iron thimble skeins for wagons will please correspond with J. M. Sandell, Danville. Texas. For best quality Gray Iron Small Castings, plain and fancy Apply to the Whitneyville Foundery, near New Haven. Conn. Keuffel& Esser, 7,15ass!Hj:%t..,NY.,the Ijest place to get Ist-class Drawing Mate rials, Swiss Injstments, and Rubber Triangles and Curves. Foot Lathes—E. P. Ryder's improved—220 Center st ., N. Y. Those wanting latest improved Hub and Spoke Machinery. address Kettenring. Strong & Lauster, Defiance, Ohio. For Aluminum Bronze and Oroide Watches, Chains,and Jewel. ry, send to Oroide Watch Co. Boston, U. S. Price list sent free. For tinmans' tools, presses, etc., apply to Mays & Bliss, Brooklyn. N. Y. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable. Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.. New York. Send for'l circular on the uses of Soluble Glass, or Silicates of Soda and Potash, Manufactured by L. & J. W. Feuchtwanger. Chemists and Drug Importers, 55 Cedar st., New York. Glynn's Anti-Incrustator for Steam Boiler—The only reliable preventative. No foaming,and does not attack metals of boiler. Liberal terms to Age,.s. C. D. Fredricks. 587 Broadway, New York. Cold Bolled—Shafting,piston rods.pump rods.Collins pat.double compression couplings,manufactured by Jones & Laughlins.Pittsburgh.Pa. For solid wrought-iron beams, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Mills, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers. tinners. and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of the Parker Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for pointing and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.. New York. The paper that meets the eye of manufactru:ers throughout the United States—Boston Bulletin. $4-00 a year. Advertisements 17c. a line. Winans' boiler powder. 11 Wall st., N. Y., removes Incrustations without injury or foaming ; 12 years in use. Beware of Imitations. Inventions Patented In England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PKOTISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. 2.6S5.—PulI.—J. W. Douglas, Middletown. Conn. Sept. 14. 1869. 8,092. -SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES.—Mrs. H. G. Suplee, San Francisco,Cal October 35.1869. 8,118.—MANrFACTrEE OF SHEET IRON.—S. Parker and H. S. Pratt. Hartford, Conn. October 87,1869. 3,125.—ELECTKO-DEPOSITION OF NICKEL.—Isaac Adams, Jr., Boston, Mass October 28. 1869. 3,133.—SHAFT COUPLING.—M. Clemens, Boston. Mass. October 28, 1869. 3.137.—SPRING.—J. Trent. Millerton.N. Y. October 29.1869. 2,919.—AXLE BOXES.—D. H. Dotterer. Philadelphia, Pa. -Oct. 8, 1869. 2.942 .—MEANS OF LOCOMOTION.—Thomas Luders, Olney —, U. S. October , 1869. B ,067.—BOTAEY BLOWING ENGINE.—P. H. Boots and F. M. Roots. Conners-ville, Ind. Oct. 21, 1869. 8,093.—DBT WHITE LEAD AND WHITE LEAD PIGMENT FROM METALLIC LEAD.—G. T. Lewis. Philadelphia. Pa. Oct. 25, 1869. 8,095.—ADHESiVE COMPOUND.—S. P. Conner. Philadelphia, Pa. October 25, 1869. . 3,115.-WIKE DRAWING. ETO.—D. F. Maltby, Waterbury, Conn. Oct. 27 1869. 18(!,9l30.—AxLEB FOK VEHIOLEB.—J. M. Reqna, New York city. October 28, S,lSl__DEAWIKGFEAMES.—Chas., Wall. New York city. Octobers. 1369.