The Charge for Insertion under thishead is One Dollar a Line. If the Notices exceed Four Lines, One Dollar and a Half per line will be charged. To ascertain where there will be a demand for new machinery or manufacturers' supplies read Boston Commercial Bulletin's manufac, tnring news of the United States. Terms 1&4-0O a year. Back Nos., Vola., and Sets of Scientific OTtieMl. for'fiale. ':A.d-dress Theo. Tusch, No. S7 Park Row, New York. Wanted—The best machine for making dtiuble felt lor roofing. Address, with full particulars and price, Box 4, P. O. Montreal. The best Shingle Machine wanted. Addre!l David Hufan, Luray, Page Co., Va. The Scientific Turbine—A new and strictly firSt-class water wheel (wrought buckets and guides), will be furnished to Millwrights at $80 per foot, in diameter,together with exclusive agency. Address Southwestern Water Wheel Co., Springfield, Mo. Inventors having light articles they wish manufactured, will please address J. W. Pierce, 24 Foster st Worcester. Mass. Mineral Collections—50 selected specimens, including gold and silver ores, $15. Orders executed on receipt of the amount. L. & J. Feuchtwanger, Chemists, 55 Cedar st., New York. Peck's patent flrop press. Fr circulars, address the Bole manufacturers, Milo Peck & Co., New Haven, Ct. The Babcock & Wilcox Steam Engine received the First Premium for the Most Perfect Automatic Expansion Valve Gear, at the late Exhibition of the American Institute. Babcock, Wilcox & Co., 44 Cort-landt St., New York. For best quality Gray Iron Small Castings, plain and fancy Apply to the Whitneyville Fouudery, near New Hav,m, Conn. Keuffel & Esser,71 Nassau st.,N.Y.,the best place to get Ist-class Drawing Materials, Swiss Instruments, and Rubber Triangles and Curves. Foot Lathes—E. P. Ryder's improved—220 Center st., N. Y. Those wanting latest improved Hub and Spoke Machinery, address Kettenring, Strong & Lauster, Defiance, Ohio. For tinmans' tools, presses, etc., apply to Mays & Bliss, Brooklyn, N. Y. Mill-stone dressing diamond machine, simple, effective, durable. Also, Glazier's diamonds. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st., New York. Send for a circular on the uses of Soluble Glass, or Silicates of Soda and Potash. Manufactured by L. & J. W. Feuchtwanger, Chemists and Drug Importers, 55 Cedar st., New York. Glynn's Anti-lncrustator for Steam Boiler—The only reliable preventative. No foaming,and does not attack metals of boiler. Liberal terms to Agents. C. D. Fredricks, 587 Broadway, New York. Cold Rolled—Shafting,piston rods,pump rods,Collins pat.double compression couplings,manufactured by Jones & Laughlins,Pitt8burgh,Pa. For solid wrought-iron bems, etc., see advertisement. Address Union Iron Millo, Pittsburgh, Pa., for lithograph, etc. Machinists, boiler makers, tinners, and workers of sheet metals read advertisement of the Parker Power Presses. Diamond carbon, formed into wedge or other shapes for point-lng and edging tools or cutters for drilling and working stone, etc. Send stamp for circular. John Dickinson, 64 Nassau st.. New Y0rk. The paper that meets the eye of manufacturers throughout the United States—Boston Bulletin, $4-00 a year. Advertisements l7c. a Une. Winans' boiler powder, 11 Wall st., N. Y., removes Incrustations without injury. or foaming ; U years in use. Beware of Imltations. Inventions Patented In England by Americans. [Compiled from the " Journal of the Commissioners of Patents."] PROVISIONAL PROTECTION FOR SIX MONTHS. S,1S2.—STEAM GENEBATOE.—Silas C. Salisbury, New York city. October 3,139.__STEAM GENBEATOES AND SURFACE CONDENSOES.—J. A. Miller, Boston, Mass. Oct. 29.1869. 8.—tf:AR MACHi;,lE.—J. Wettstein and J. T. Hennaman, Baltimore Md. Oct. 29,1869. S,318.—GENEEATING STEAM, ETC.—Noah Bhaw, Eau Claire Wis. Nov. 8, 1869. 3,-326 -MACHINE FOK HECKLING HEMP.—George Webber, Boston, Mass NoTember 9, 1869. S.OiiiNE FOE MANUFACTURING BRUSHES.—W. A. Foskett and H. Tyler, New Haven, Conn. October 22, 1869. 8,'2J08. -SEWING MACHINE NEEDLES.—P. H. Newbill, Los Angeles, Cal. Nov. 5,1869. 8,2a0.—MEAN8 OF SECURING CORKS IN BOTTLES.—H. Scholfield, Guatemala, Ceutral America. Nov. 6, 1869. 3,248.—PEOCESS OF BREWING.—James McCofmick, Boston, Mass. Nov. 11,1869. 3,254.—TEEATMENT OF CAOUTCHOUC, GUTA-PEECHA, AND ANALOGOUS GUMS FOR THE PRODUCTION THEREFROM OF ARTICLES OF UTILITY AND OENAMENT.—J.B. Newbrough and Edward Fagan, New York city. Nov. 11,1869. - 8,250.—LocK.—A. B. Vandemark, Southington, Conn. Nov. ll, 1869.