Wanted—Propositions from builders of ice machines, to erect a 25 ton machine for W. H. Howe, Nashville, Tenn. Little and Lively. The times change and we change with them. Hardly larger than mustard seeds, but composed of highly concentrated vegetable extracts, Dr. Pierce's “ Pleasant Purgative Pellets” have caused the old style, large drastic, cathartic pills to be abandoned by all sensible people. The little sugar-coated Pellets are a sure cure for.constlpation; for persons of sedentary habits they are invaluable. They are little and lively, pleasant and safe. Veneer Machines, with latest improvements. Farrel Fdry.&Mach. Co, Ansonia, Conn. Send for circular. Haswells Engineers Pocket Book By Charles H. Haswell, Civil, Marine, and Mechanical Engineer. Giving Tables. Rules, and Formulas pertaining to Mechanics, Mathematics. and Physics, Architecture, Masonry, Steam Vessels, Mills. Limes, Mortars, Cements, etc. 90 pages, leather, pocket-book form, $4.00. For sale by Munn&Co.. 361 Broadway, New York. WanM—A capitalist to take a half interest in or to manage a valuable patent on Automatic Freight Car Brake. A splendid chance to the right man. )j'or further particulars, address R. B. V.. Box OO7, Iowa Falls, Iowa. Send to the RaUM Gazette, 73 Broadway, New York, for a catalogue of Locomotive, Track, and other railroad books. Emery Wheels of unusually superior quality for wet grinding. The Tanite Co., Stroudsburg, Monroe Co., Pa. Guild&Garrison's Steam Pump Works, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pumps for liquids, air, and gases. New catalogue now ready. Nickel Plating.-Sole manufacturers cast nickel anodes, pure nickel salts, polishing compositions, etc. $100 “Lit Wonae.-*.” A perfect Electro Plating Machine. Sole manufacturers of the new Dip Lacquer Kristaline. Complete outfit for plating, etc. Hanson, Van Winkle&Co., Newark, N. J., and 92 and 94 Liberty St., New York. Send for catalogue of flcientific Books for sale by Munn&Co., 361 Broadway, N. Y. Free on application. The Knowles Steam Pump Works, 44 Washington St.. Boston, and 93 Liberty St., New York, have just issued a new catalogue. in which are many new and improved forms of Pumping Machinery of the single and duplex, steam and power type. This catalogue will be mailed free of charge on application. Machinery for Light Manufacturing on hand and built to order. E. B. Garvin'& Co., 139 Center St., N. Y. Presses&Dies. Ferracute Mach. Co., Bridgeton, N. J. Iron Planer,.I4the, Prill, and other machine tools of modem design. New Haven Mfg. Co., New Haven, Conn. If an invention has not been patented in the United States for more than one year, it may still be patented in Canada. Cost for Canadian patent. $40. Various other foreign patents may also be obtained. For instruction* address Munn&Co., SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN patent agency, 361 Broadway, New York. Curtis Pressure Regulator and Steam Trap. See p. 142. Grimshaw.-Steam Engine Cate<& iml,.—A series of thoroughly Practical Questions and Answers arranged so as to give to a Young Engineer just the information required to fit him for properly running an engine. By Robert Grimshaw. 18mo, cloth, $1.00. For sale by Munn&Co., 361 Broadway, N. Y. Timber Gaining Machine. All kinds Wood Working Machinery. C. B. Rogers&Co., Norwich, Conn. Packer Ratchet Drills are drop forged from Norway iron and bar steel. Billings&Spencer Co., Hartford,Conn. The Improved Hydraulic Jacks, Punches, and Tube Expanders. R. Dudgeon, Columbia St., New York. HoistingEngines. D. isbie&Co., New York city. Tight and Slack Barrel Machinery a specialty. John Greenwood&Co., Rochester, N.Y. See illus. adv., p. 350. Hercules Lacing and Superior Leather Belting made by Page Belting Co., Concord. N. H. See adv. page 882. NystmsA pocket book of mechanics and engineering, containing a memorandum of facts and connection ' of pfcctice and • theory, by J. W. Nystrom, C.E.. 18th edition, revised and greatly enlarged, plates, l2mo. roan tuck. Price, $3.liO. For sale by Munn&Co., 361 Broadway, New York city. Iron and Steel Wire, Wire Rope, Wire Rope Tramways. Trenton Iron Company, Trenton, N. J. Astronomical Telescopes, from 6” ' to largest size. Observatory Domes, all sizes. Warner&Swasey, Cleveland, O. Cushman's Chucks can be found in stock in all large cities. Send for catalogue. Cushman Chuck Co., Hartford, Conn. Supplement Catalogue.-Persons in pursuit of information of any special engineering, mechanical. or scientific subject, can have catalogue of contents of the SCI- BNTIPTC AMERICAN SUPPLEMENT sent to them free. The SUPPLEMENT contains lengthy articles embracing the whole range O:f engineering, mechanics, and physical science. Address Munn&Co., Publishers, New York.