The charge for Insertion under thit Head to One Dollar a late for each insertion,- about eight wonU to aline. AdtertltmU must to received at pubUcatioaafilce ae early at Ttainday morning to apvarinnext Utve. Metallic Pattern Letters and Figures to put on patterns of castings. Kntgat Son, Seneca Fall*, N, T. WantedTo open negotiations with some party or firm who control and art now engaged In, or wish to become engaged In the mannf aclureof good salable articles that consume steel In quantities. One having an established business that could be moved would be preferred. The location would command the very beet natural gas and railroad facilities, and Is near a steel works tbat has been using the gas for years. Partler offering something to be made of steel tbat would be n*w and salable wilt beconsidered. Address C. T. S., P. O. box 151. Pitts-burg. Pa. WantedTo mannfactnre on royalty patented articles capable of being made In tlin or other light metals. Baardon Knnls, 811 River Street, Troy. N. T. Territorial rights in thoroughly tested process for making stone, brick.aid marble. Strongesttestlmonlais. More than five years' test In Chicago. Baltimore, and elsewhere. Immense profits. Address Weems 3toneand Marble Co., 18* Dearborn St, Chicago, 111. The Wonderful 9ucm of Claremont Colony is due to the unusual Inducements offered by J. F. Mancba, Claremont, Va. "Some said, 'John, print it;' others said, 'Not so.' Some said,' It mlgbt dogood;' others said, -No.'" If the disooverer of Dr. Sage'B Ciarrh Remedy bad shared the senseless prejudioee of a certain elaas of Ph-Blclans, he would have refused to print the good news, to proclaim to the world the glorious tldtncs thstan Infallible remedy for that most loathsome disease, catarrh, bad been discovered. Bat he advertised- liberally, and tbe result'has justified him In the course he pursued. Dr. safe's Catarrh Remedy never falls. All druggists. JAnt Betting and Wheels. Link BeltM. Co., Chicago. For SaleShop, Foundry, Boiler, Engine, etc. Price, 12,800. Address PlowWorka, Ghent, N. T. Mechanic's Own Book. Fall instructions for draw-Ing, casting, founding, forging, soldering, carpentry, carving, polishing wood and melals, tumtng, roofing, etc. TOS pages; 1.420 Illustrations. *ai, post paid. K. If. N. Spqn, 85 Murray St., K. T, Botiers for saleEtcdiail, Stbtdtt. Stema-hantS. Plain Tulruijr, KartmotalBollen. One 100H.P..6* 1 IS',3'' tubes, tBO. TwoSO H. P., 6' x IT, 8" tubes, eacb, $SSO. Two IS H. P., iH'-zW, S" tubes,, each. IKS. Tiro 60 H. P., Mi IB', 8" tabes, each, *400L Three GOB. P.,4'xlS',J" tubes,earth, W, $325, and ?350. FourW H. P.. V xW. S" tubea,*2!5,$800, **, ana 1350. One40H. P.,Vxl3'.?W. One30H.P,t0. VcrUvJBolUn. ThTee 150 H. P., Corliss, 2'*' tubes,.each fSOO. JThree 12S H. P.. 2" aabmeisBd tubes,each, $676. OnelOOH. P.. StDbes, 580- OneDOHF, ZX" tubes.Mm. One 25 H. P.. 2H'' tubes. t900. lwmMi.2trtxPtitUn* Three 100 H. P., 1" tubes, tOOO, HW, and 13J0. Tbree 90 H. P., 3t abn, 65a t70O, and fWA. Wve SO H. P..T' tubes, 1600 each. One W H. P., S" tubes, 1676. Engines and boilers, portable and stationary) woodworking and general machinery. Send for estimates, stating exsctly what you want. W. K. Drew, agent B. C. Forsalth Mach. Co., Manchester, 9. H. Tbe SaUroad Oasetii, handsomely illustrated, published weekly, at 73 Broadway, New York. Specimen copies free. Send for eatalogue of railroad books. Friction Clutches from $8.25 on. J. C. Blevney, Newark, N.J. FroUOtonfor Waldia. Antl-marnetlc sbteldBan absolute orotctloa from all electric and masnetle Influences. (!ao be applied to any watch. Experimental exhibition and explanation at Antt-MagnotlcSnleld A Watch Cane Co.." 18 John St., New York. F. S. Giles, Agt., orQIleSBro. ACo., Chicaco, where full assortment of Antii-Maeoetlc Watchea can be had. Send for full descriptive circular. C*r$J4le-PMtical Machinist, embracing latbe work, vise work, drill 5 and drilling, taps aud dies, harden Ins and tempering, the making and use of tools, tool grinding, marking oat work, etc. By Joshua Rose. Illustrated by3o6 en cravings. Tbtrteenth edition, thoroughly revised and in ETet part rewritten. In one volnme, 12mo, 439 pages. *2.ffl. For sale by Munn Co.. 361 Broadway, New Tori. Concrete patents for sale. 5. L. Kansome, S. P., Cal. Woodworking Machinery of all kinds. TheBentel Marsedant Co., 116 Fourth St., Hamilton, O. A Calectdtm on the Laxvnotlve,, ByM, N. Forney. Wltb 19 plutes, 222 engravings, and 600 pattea. tO. Sent on receipt of the price by Munn Co., XI Broadway, New York. Qnild Garrison's Steam Pump Works, Brooklyn, N, Y. Pumps for liquids, air, andgases. New catalogue now reads'. The Enowles Steam Pump Works,4* Washington St., Boston, and S3 Liberty St., New York, bave lost is-auedanew cataloKne. In wblch are many new and Improved forms of Pumping Haohlneryof tbe single and duplex, steam and *awer type. Tble oataloKUe will be mailed free of oharg on application. Presses A Dies. Ferracnte Mach. Co., Bridgeton, N. J. Nickel Plating.Sole mannfactnrers cast nickel anodes, pure nickel salts, polishing com poult Ions,etc. 1100 "Ltittt Wonder." A perfect Electro PlatinK Machlne-Bolemannf actnrers of tbe new Dip Lacquer Krtttallne. Complete outflt for plating, etc. Hanson, Van Winkle A Co., N ewark. N. J.,'and 82 an d M Liberty 81. N e w York. Iron Planer, Lathe, Drill, and other machine tools of modemdealgn. New HavenMfg.Oo.,New Ilaven,Conn- WrtnlOei and Seeiptf. Compiled from Ihe SOIKUII-FICIAMEEIICAN. A oollectton of practical sugsestlons, processes, and directions, for the Mechanic, Engineer, Farmer, anO Housekeeper. Wltb a Color Tempering BoaJe. and nnmerOnswoodengravlajta. Revtssd by Prof. Tbnrston and Tander Weyde, and Boglneers Buel and RottL Knjo, cloth, CAL Ifor sale by Mcnn Co., 361 Broadway, New York. The Improved Hydranlle Jackt, Pnnehes, and Tnbe Kxpanders. It. LtudgBon, u Columbbi 8U, New Yarn. If an invention has not been patented in the United StalM for more than one year. It may still be patented ID Canada. COBt for CaOBduin patent, HO. Various other foreign patents may also be obtained. For tnatruotluna address Munn Co., SciSNTlvre AMBRICAX patent ageney, 881 Broadway, New York. Curtis Praam* Regulator and Steam Trap. See p. 14s. New Portable Stationary Centering Chocks for rapid centering. Price llsl free. Cushman ChnckCo., Hartford, Conn. IIotstingJSngineB. D. Frisb i e Co., New York city. Tight and Slack Barrel Machinery a specialty. John Greenwood Co., Rochester, N.Y. See lllus. adv., p.S8. Supplement Catalogue.Persons In pursuit of information of any special engineering, mechanical, or solen-tlaosubjeet, can bave catalogue of enntenu of the Sci-NTIHC AMEBICAH SuppLEMiyT sent to them free. TheSOPPLBMBNT contains lengthyartlcles embracing the whole rangeof snginesrlng, mechanics,and physical sience. Address Munn Co., Publishers. New Yorlc. Catarrh Curea. Aolergyman, alteryears of auflerlogf rom that loathsome disease, catarrh, aod vainly trylog every known remedy, at Inst found a presoriptIon which completely cured and saved him from death. Any sufferer from this dreadtnl disease sending a self-addressed stamped envelepe to Dr. Lawrence, 212 East 9th St., New York, will receive the redpef ree of charge. * Iron and Stel Wire, Wire Rope, Wire Rope Tram-ways. Trenton lrou Company, Trenton, N. J. Lick Telescope and all smailer sizes built by Warner Bwasey, Cleveland, Oblo. Send for catalogue of Scientific Books for BBIB by Munn Co,, 361 Broadway, N. Y. Free on application.