Forty thousand pounds of butter, recently imported into Boston from Ireland, were ta ken back in the Europa, which sailed on the 2nd ult., not having commanded a sufficient price. Literary Notices THE COLD GRAPERY—By W. Chorlton ; 12mo , pp.93; published by J. C.ltiker, 129 Fulton street, ?. Y. This is a useful little manual for the vine grower, in which the use of glass houses, but with out heat, is ably advocated by the author a practi cal gardener who gives directions as to the course to be pursued with diagrams of the different roofs that are and ought to be employed. Works like this, that are written by really practical men, are far more to be trusted than the pseudo guides of pretended agriculturists who more often mislead the enquirer than direct him in 5the right path, Keally practical works, "written by plain practical men, are of the highest value, but the trashy works of scien tific quacks in every branch of knowledge, are worse than useless. This work is to be placed in the for mer category, and is cheap at any price for real knowledge is worth its weight in gold. " Graham's American Magazine " for April, is en larged to 144 pages, and is one of thp very best lite rary publications in the country. The articles, ori ginal and selected, are from the first authors. De-witt& Davenport, agents, Tribune Buildings, New York.