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Buzz Like a Bee

Make a spinning device that creates a buzz-worthy vibration 
Observations and results
Moving air flowing over the rubber band makes it vibrate the same way wind blowing over a flag makes it wave. These vibrations produce sound, like the strings on a guitar do. As the rubber band vibrates, it shakes the entire contraption including the index card. Because the vibrating index card moves along with the rubber band but pushes a lot more air than the latter it amplifies the sound. Did you find ways to change the pitch of your contraption's sound?
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“Buzz Like a Bee” was developed by Exploratorium and is on page 80 of Exploralab. Created by Exploratorium, “Exploralab: 150 Ways to Investigate the Amazing Science All around You” is a book that takes curious kid scientists, ages eight to 12, through 24 hours' worth of household investigations, experiments and discoveries.

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