9–10 Scientific advancement often requires thinking outside the box. At the Subjectivity, Creativity and the Institution conference, experts in sociology, anthropology, history and education, among other dis­ciplines, will discuss how tradition and modernity interact to shape the creative process.
Perth, Australia

14  Meanwhile, on the other side of the globe, you can home in on creativity’s role in science. In a roundtable discussion on Creative Ambiguity in Scientific and Humanistic Thought, panelists including Rockefeller University neuroscientist Donald Pfaff and Pulitzer Prize–winning poet C. K. Williams will explore how the imaginative process enriches both science and the humanities.
New York City

14 Valentine’s Day, 1903: Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung marries psychoanalyst Emma Rauschenbach in a grand expression of his symbolist philosophy. Jung theorized that people share a common set of unconscious archetypes that are represented symbolically in art, religion and dreams. Jung went on to have an enduring influence on psychology—his terms “introvert” and “extrovert” are still in popular use today.

24–28 Stressed out? Lighten your load with two conferences in one. Find out how stressors such as sleep deprivation affect decision making and other aspects of performance at the first half of the National Conference on the Neural and Physiological Effects of Stress on Performance, sponsored by the University of Texas at Austin. Then check out two days devoted to stress’s effects on language, hosted by the University of Maryland.
College Park, Md.


10 Children decide the winning research projects at the Kids Judge! Neuroscience Fair. In this “reverse science fair,” Washington State University students will present their work to fifth graders from local schools. The aspiring scientists learn to communicate their ideas clearly while sparking the young judges’ interest in brain science. The fair is associated with Brain Awareness Week, March 16–22, during which institutions all over the world host brain education events. For a calendar of activities, visit http://brainweek.dana.org
Pullman, Wash.

Get to know your most mysterious organ at BRAIN: The World inside Your Head. This traveling exhibit sponsored by Pfizer encourages kids (and adults) to walk inside a giant model of the brain, perform simulated brain surgery and experience phantom limb syndrome. Meet your brain at the Strategic Air and Space Museum through May 3.
Ashland, Neb.

Note: This article was originally printed with the title, "Calendar".